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John Thornton 9/28/23

Great experience!!! My wife and I felt very comfortable and the entire team was top quality. I want to particularly mention Suzi. She guided me and my wife to exactly what we wanted. She listened very patiently and spent her entire afternoon to make sure we were entirely satisfied with every step of the purchase process.

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A Drake 9/21/23

Had some issues with my initial order that needed to be corrected and also with getting the items delivered. I had to return to the store to get my order corrected and after issues with delivery I Cancelled my order. After speaking with the GM Katie and Ashley's escalation department, we were able to come to a resolution that made me want to fulfil my order with them. Katie was very helpful in correcting the mistakes and getting my order delivery confirmed on a day that worked for me. Luckily, she was able to work with me to keep my business. They did apologize for their mistake and complications with the order. I will probably order through their store again but probably work through Katie or another salesperson.

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Jen B 9/16/23

We have purchased two sets (We recently went back to electric sofa recliners) of living room furniture at Ashley in Spanish Fort, AL and both times were easy. Susie was our sales lady and she is relaxed, professional and friendly. Overall, both experiences were great. Furthermore, the delivery and setup team were on point. Overall, I enjoy shopping at this location.

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Shirley Geddings 9/5/23

Excellent service! The most knowledgeable salesman, Josh! He is the best!

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Jim Crownover 9/3/23

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Karen Gurley 9/2/23

Matthew was great assisting me with finding the perfect furniture for my new space.

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Bekah Richard 9/2/23

Beth at Ashley Furniture helped us pick out beautiful furniture!! She is kind and knowledgeable!! If you want someone who isn’t pushy, ask for Beth!!

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John Simonson 9/2/23

Matthew was a great help and super friendly.

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Jossph Laro 9/1/23

Suzi, was amazing and got us an awesome deal . What a great experience. I would recommend her to everyone. Her manager Katie was very nice and helped us with our purchase. 5 stars to Ashley furniture & co-worker’s .

Kylix 8/16/23

These locations are independently owned and operated, each with their own arbitrary rules and policies, so let me make it very clear that this review is specifically for my experience with this particular store and the Ashley Furniture call center. I had two MAJOR problems (with an extremely simple order) that the managers of the call center would not assist me with or make right and they were rude to me on top of it. The Triforce of terrible customer service. 1. Because the commission based employees here are so quick to take your money while shoveling tons of unnecessary products at you without asking any real qualifying questions, I ended up with a box spring foundation (normally $500+) that didn't work with my bed frame. I was forced to speak with someone from the Ashley Furniture call center because no one at the physical location could be reached. They (rudely) told me that I was not allowed to return this foundation because the delivery team assembled it the day it was delivered, which is part of the normal service they offer, and that by signing for the delivery, I "acknowledged" this. So the complimentary assembly was really just a masked loophole that allows Ashely to deny your returns. Buyer beware. 2. Despite multiple confirmations, they did not deliver my mattress on time, but brought everything else on the order instead, which left me without a bed to sleep on for nearly a month from the date of order. On the day of delivery, I was told my entire order would be arriving: A couch, a (useless) foundation and my mattress. They only brought the couch and the foundation. No mattress. And the delivery person said this exact same problem happened to a client EARLIER THAT DAY and that it happens often apparently. Massive miscommunication runs rampant between the stores, warehouses and delivery teams (something else the delivery person told me), which leaves the customer confused and frustrated. No one from Ashley Furniture will assist you when this happens. You are literally left on your own to wait and you're at the mercy of the warehouse. Your missing items could arrive in a few days, a week or a month. To recap, I was left without a bed due to multiple miscommunications and I'm out $250+ because the delivery team assembled a foundation (which I immediately disassembled and did not use) that should have never been sold to me in the first place and the extremely rude/unprofessional managers at the call center used a fine print loophole to deny my simple return. I just spent thousands of dollars with this company and they would not even take a $250 return (on something that probably has a 500% markup) to help the customer after all these issues. Think about that. In conclusion, I will never be shopping with Ashley Furniture again if this is how they allow their stores to be operated and if I can deter even one single person from buying here, then I'll have gotten my foundation's worth. Avoid this company and watch out for the hidden loopholes. Don't expect any help or professionalism if you do run into problems. They only care about your money, not you. Edit: I have been asked to contact the store to resolve this issue. Will update review after this follow-up. Edit 2: Final update. I reached out to the provided contact and it took them over 5 days to get back to me. They said they would refund the box spring, but also deduct a 25% restocking fee from the return. This company is a total joke. I told them that was completely unacceptable for what I'd been through and to their credit, they actually waived the restocking fee, but not without further condescension and a phone call from corporate. Way too much of a hassle for me to EVER deal with this company again in my entire life. Good luck to anyone else who decides to shop here.

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