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At Ashley Outlet of Batesville, AR, we create a simple shopping experience by bringing you the stylish products you want at a value you can trust. We are committed to offering you comfort at every moment, which means more than just comfortable furniture. It’s comfort with our team, trust in our simplified process, and the belief in our goal to provide you quality furniture at the lowest prices. No matter which Ashley Outlet location you visit, you'll find comfortable, durable products that won't break the bank and a quick and easy experience from shopping to delivery. Your home is more than just a house, it is your sanctuary. It’s where you enjoy spending most of your time because it is simple, functional and most importantly, comfortable. At Ashley Outlet, we celebrate being home with you. Our locally owned and operated Ashley Outlets are passionate about bringing you the best value in furniture and mattresses for your home. Visit your nearest Ashley Outlet showroom today!

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Josephine C. 11/4/20

I haven't been here in years. I was craving for dim sum and decided to order online and pick it up on a Wednesday afternoon in November. I ordered sui mai, beef cheung fun, half duck, wonton soup, and bbq chicken. I got there 10min early and paid inside at the counter and waited. The manager was nice and spoke English to me and helped me with my order. I didn't wait too long. I got home and everything was sealed in nice containers to prevent spillage. My Sui mai has 4 in the container and it was delicious. Also beef cheung fun was good and tasty. I was saving the duck and bbq pork for dinner but I couldn't resist. I had a bite of the duck and it was yummy dripping in sauce. The bbq pork was soft and tender. My hubby only ate the wontons in the broth and it satisfied his taste buds. Enough parking in the lot. 4 stars great service by the manager, food in sealed containers 3 stars dim sum was good

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Jennifer R. 11/1/20

This is our favorite dim sum spot for years. The staffs are friendly and will make sure you get what you ask for. Even with the pandemic, they are still quick with the orders while abiding with covid regulations. And the food is still really delicious.

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May L. 10/20/20

Wasn't a huge fan of their dimsum pre-covid but decided to give it another try recently. A friend and I showed up to order in person and the food was ready in 10 short minutes. They're only doing take out with no outdoor seating so we decided to have our dimsum at a park. I liked how the steamed dishes came in sealed plastic containers; the har gow and siu mai were delicious and still hot by the time we started eating. The shrimp cheung fun/rice noodles rolls were a little less than lukewarm but good nonethless. Their baked bbq bun, egg tarts, and the ham sui gok/fried glutinous rice dumplings were yummy as well. It wasn't half bad and I wouldn't mind ordering here again.

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Don T. 10/7/20

Excellent dim sum. My favorite are all their various dumplings. Dumplings are spot on good.

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Lesley C. 8/30/20

Have been a customer of 888 pre- and during COVID-19. During COVID-19, we were craving dim sum and we phoned in an order for pick-up. After we parked, we were confused to see one line out the "fast food" area and I walked over to the main dining room. Since we had phoned in our order, I asked the cashier where pick-up was, and we were supposed to pay and pick up in the main room. Good thing we didn't stand outside in the other line for too long. Our food was ready when we arrived. The orders came sealed in white plastic containers with a sealed clear lid. It most definitely is sanitary, but that also means our items continued to steam in their containers because there was no hole. By the time we got home, the dim sum items were soggy, which isn't what we wanted, but I guess sogginess = sanitary because there is no way for bacteria to enter the container unless punctured or opened. I am a part of the SGV Eats on Facebook and the dish that most people seem to order are either the Crab Noodle or the Lobster Noodle, just depends on what they are offering at the moment. Plenty of parking every time we've been here.

Jia X. 8/16/20

Horrible horrible place. I called at 5:30pm go order food they told me to come at 6pm. I arrived at 6 and they told me 5 min wait. It's 7:15pm and food still not ready. What kind of place mistreat customer like that. They said they have a big order so my small order was put on hold. This is even worse, if they had no capacity then don't take my order and my money. I asked for refund they then said it's cooking. If you want to waste your time go with this restaurant. Worst customer service ever.

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Magda N. 7/27/20

Took advantage of the $22 lobster noodle. Serving size is definitely enough for 2 people (unless you eat a lot), or you can even stretch it to 3-4 if you have some other side dishes. The noodle taste like cheap noodle though and the flavor is a little lacking. There are definitely real lobster pieces in shell! We called in ahead and picked up. The ordering went very quickly but the picking up was a little confusing. There was no one in front except for a few old dudes eating on a table and watching some movie in the big screen. There was no clear sign and arrow for where to pick up (there was but we didn't notice it immediately, maybe it's us) and there was no one to ask...We did it at the end though. Very good promotion for lobster noodle, anybody would think it's well worth it. Normally lobster noodle go for $35+ or even $100! I personally wouldn't get it again though. I'd rather pay more for better flavor. But for anyone looking for a great deal and quick order/pickup, this is the place. The parking lot had a lot of parking space, normally it's very hard to find parking in this plaza.

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Helen Y. 7/4/20

Quick service. I'd placed order and was ready to pick up in 5-10min. No dine in service. All the workers are wearing masks and they have hand sanitizer in the front. Price is reasonable. My order came out to be around $27. I like how they sealed all the dim sum orders. Been craving dim sum during this shutdown. Food wasn't as hot but still taste pretty good. I'm glad they are open early. The shrimps in flat noodle rolls and shrimp dumpling was my favorite. Both contained big shrimps. They also have another line for take out for roasted pork and duck.

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Kim T. 7/3/20

This review is only for take-out dim sum. 888 Seafood Restaurant is located right next to Banh Mi Che Cali in Rosemead. Parking: Spacious parking lot, but it gets filled up quickly, especially, back in the days prior to COVID-19. I came here for my male cousin's wedding many years ago when I was a teenager and prior to my Yelp days. Never been here for dim sum or lunch since it was always packed. Luckily, I got to try out their dim sum (mainly siu mais and har gows) and roasted duck courtesy of my 2nd brother, who had stopped by for a visit to see how Mom and I were. Dim Sum: $3.80 (4pcs) Siu Mai & $3.80 (4pcs) Har Gows - My brother got us two sets each. Between the two, I favored the siu mais more. They were plump, flavorful and meaty, very satisfying! The har gows were also plump and flavorful, but the outer shell tasted mushy. Though, they did tasted better the next day when it was reheated. Best of all, the dim sum trays are vacuum sealed for added extra protection. Roasted Duck (forgot to ask my brother about the price - too busy eating, lol!): Plump and juicy too! The skin was nicely roasted without tasting too greasy. The duck juice, I would recommend you get that in a separate container and don't have them pour it over the duck. Otherwise, you're gonna be drinking a lot of water afterwards. I heed my brother's warning and only tried a little bit of the duck sauce for taste, wow - rich and salty, definitely! Mom and I ate half of the duck and saved the remaining pieces for dinner at night, which we made Duck Ramen Soup! Overall, the dim sum and roasted duck here was pretty good. Three stars for now. I'll update my review and stars later on when I try more of their dim sum and/or other entrees next time.

Star Star Star Star
Tiffany A. 6/18/20

Called to order dim sum and was told that the dim sum would be ready in 10-15 minutes. I arrived at the restaurant 25 minutes after I called and took another almost 10 minutes to talk to someone (the workers were inside the kitchen & figure out where to pick up my orders. Anyways, if you order dim sum, then your food will be ready for pick up at the To go section. I ordered 6 items and it came out to be $27ish which isn't bad at all. ProDecent priceThey sealed your food to prevent contaminationFood taste good ConCouldn't find the workers in leading me where to pick up my food

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