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Atiq Murad 10/2/23

Our delivery is missing since a month. now came here they don't know how to locate it. Very frustrated they keep change dates . Now here for more than 30 minutes no response.

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Jennifer Schulz 9/28/23

Did not find what we were looking for.

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Vicente Villicana 9/27/23

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Jassi Singh 9/26/23

Next time you are looking for a furniture. save yourself the trouble from going store to store. Stop at Fremont Ashley furniture and speak with Bal. They have great selection of couches and other furniture's. Excellent customer service.

Thangaraj B 9/26/23

This store is the worst customer service I have ever seen, the manager is never pleasing look, you have to fight for everything, initially they chargers 300 dollars for shipping and then I have to explain them that other stores (not Ashley) are giving free shipping, and then every other store has 300 gift card for specific mattress this store does not have, I have to fight to get it. I bought 4200 dollar worth of material and I had paid 900 dollar more and with lot of fight I got it back. I never ever go to this shop. I only have option to give 1 start otherwise I would give 0

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Dhruvik Mehta 9/25/23

Maciej Kietlinski 9/24/23

Demanding personal information for a simple in store purchase, with poor privacy policy. Skip!

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Eleanor Cooter 9/21/23

Wonderful customer service!

Jay Ji 9/21/23

I purchased a sofa sleeper from there. The sales representative assured me that the sleeper would be as flat as a real bed. When I tried it in the store, it worked really well. However, after I received the sofa sleeper, it started sinking towards the middle at an angle of about 9 degrees, which has been causing significant discomfort to my back. A technician came to inspect it and claimed that the sinking is normal and not a defect. When I contacted customer service about this issue, they informed me that they would only go by the technician's inspection result. This means that it's apparently acceptable to have a significant disparity between the furniture they delivered and the promises made by the sales representative or the furniture on display, as long as there is no defect detected by their technician

Rui Ding 9/13/23

Female Manager RACISM!!! Well, here are two managers. The male manager is very nice. Every time I go there, I look forward to him being there. He helps me solve problems such as purchase, transportation, installation, etc. So I spent a total of about 10,000 US dollars to buy furniture here for our new home. This time I came here to buy another coffee table and met the female manager. First of all, as a guest, I have never felt so disrespected. She slumped on the sofa and didn't even get up to have a proper conversation with me. I came two days in a row because we didn't agree on the price on the first day and she treated me very badly. Come to her the next day and tell her to accept the 10% discount she offered yesterday. She treated me with an even more arrogant and rude attitude. She told me that yesterday was yesterday and today is today, and she would not give me 10% off today, for no reason. I don’t understand that as a consumer, I have to be blamed and humiliated by her when I come to spend money. This is blatant racism. Just because we are Asians and she is White, she can treat us with such a sooo bad attitude? I went back to Ashley,Davin apologized to me on behalf of the female manager even though it was not his fault. I am very grateful to Davin for helping me, we completed the transaction in 10 minutes. I will come back to Davin when I need it.

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