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Heather D. 5/8/22

Worst customer service ! Worst policy ! Worst everything . I have been waiting since Feb 2022 for two bookcases . It is now May . They refuse to give me my money back . NO REFUND POLICY ! So in other words I am held hostage to waiting . AVOID THIS PLACE . Bobs furniture has better customer service .

Carlo V. 11/1/20

I ordered furniture 3 months ago and was told it would be 6 yo 8 weeks max for delivery. Here we are 12 weeks later and when I call I keep getting the same run around. They have been paid and can not fulfill their order, and their CS dept acts like its not their issue. If you call their corporate office they tell you they DO NOT service the Connecticut locations and can not find your order in their system. I believe I have been more than patient with the false promises of delivery dates and lack of communication from the CS dept, when I asked for a return on my order I was told NO because it's been over 3 days since my order that they have NOT and can NOT fulfill has been placed. Now I'm sitting here waiting for a manager to call me back for the last 20 min and was told by their CS Dept they are working on getting me an updated ETA.

Alissa S. 8/26/20

Brookfield, CT location is happy to take your money and sell you the world. Once the sale is over there is no accountability and follow up. I was told a specific date for delivery and it was blamed on CO-VID- totally understandable. They also said as a company they wait until your entire order is in and deliver it together and I was missing a piece to my couch- again, respectable and understandable. Fast forward, 3 months later they scheduled delivery, I had to take off of work, and it&'s missing half of my couch. If that was the case they could&'ve delivered half the order months ago. The trust is lost, they are not holding themselves accountable blaming eachother and the manager Rob just hung up on me. I have a whole house to furnish AND I am personally in the profession of LUXURY retail for the 1 luxury brand in the world, this will not go unrecognized.Spend your money where not only is the quality there but for a company that can back it up with integrity and stand by the service and eachother. I&'m prettified if something happens to the piece down the line who will help.

Ryan R. 6/29/20

My experience from Ashley has been nothing but awful. I bought a sectional couch in the middle part of February and was told we would receive our furniture in April. It is now almost July and they still have not delivered our furniture. I understand COVID-19 had something to do with the delay, but we were unable to contact anyone for 3+ months to discuss our order. When I spoke with the manager of the location to complain his response was &"I didn&'t even know if I had a job last month&". This location an/or company is poorly funded.

Alicia G. 6/3/20

Worst furniture store I have EVER been to. Bought a couch last year from them, sat on it and the back main beam snapped in half . What&'s their stuff made out of? Cardboard!? Thank god for protection plan, still waiting on that to get fixed though.... go figure. Figured why not get the loveseat since I already dropped 1200 on the sofa and it&'s only a year old. Order the loveseat and they promise me a delivery by the end of the week. Call me back two days later to tell me they gave it to someone else. Quote the receptionist &"I don&'t know... umm I guess the computers messed up.&" really? So when will I get my couch? &"We don&'t know...&" . Call back the following week... they tell me that it will be in stock at their warehouse June 24th. Call back a week later to ask about other warehouses around and she says that now it won&'t be in until closer to July. Did I also mention that I&'ve been put on hold for 10 min with no one coming back? Or that I&'ve been told someone will call you back - NO CALL BACKS EVER! If you order from Ashley order from a different location. This one doesn&'t seem to care about customer service or giving correct info and very incompetent people working if they are booking the same couch for several buyers. Don&'t bother calling either, no one will come to the phone and no one will call you back.

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Maribel D. 3/19/20

dont usually write reviews for any business, but I had such a bad experience today.. I bought a sleeping sofa almost 2 years ago with the 5 years extended warranty. We never used the bed part of it and when I finally got to use it, it broke badly. I filed the claim with the insurance company GBS, very rude people, they sent the technicians to look at it and try to repair it. They said they were unable to fix it and left. They let me with the sofa, open because they couldn&'t close it, for 4 months. When they finally agreed to replace the sofa I Told by GBS rep that I need to get rid of it my self. So I have someone to come and close it for me. I npaid $200 to this guy to have this thing fixed. Now Ashley is telling me that in order for them to replace it they have to take the old one but they will no reimburse me for money I paid to have it closed. After they told me I need to figure out my self how to get rid off the old one.. this is not the first time and the only article I have purchased at Ashley but will definitely be the last one. I&'m really sorry because I liked their furniture and most of the employees at my.local store are very professional and friendly. :(

EJ M. 10/10/19

Absolutely disappointed in our experience at the Brookfield store. My husband and I walked in last Sunday and were greeted by a man behind a podium, we let him know we were looking for mattresses and would like to look around. We went to look around and stopped to look at some bedroom sets when the man from the podium comes to find us and informs us that he just wanted to let us know that the mattresses in the store cost &"thousands of dollars&" and didn&'t want us to &"waste our time&" which is why he was going to ask for our budget. I was so annoyed and disgusted by his behavior. We are a multi-racial couple and I feel this man assumed what we could afford without first showing us the inventory. Completely unacceptable treatment; they&'ve lost our business not because of the cost of their mattresses but because of the assumption that we couldn&'t afford their products

Nicholas C. 7/11/19

Would give them no stars, Horrible customer service and business practice. Bought a reclining couch, love seat, end tables, bedroom furniture in June 2018, Noticed a week ago (July 2019) a large tear in the middle section back behind the console. (NOT ON THE SEAM) Called the store, said since I was a month past the manufactures warantee they couldn&'t do anything. I should call GBS furniture protection, which I also purchased, called, sent then pictures, they insist it&'s on the seam, so it&'s not covered, it&'s a manufacturers problem. Back to the Brookfield store, again they say they won&'t do anything but will have a manager call. No manager called and none will get on the phone when we call. Obviously will never shop there again and will tell everyone I know never to go there

Laura S. 6/18/19

My Husband and I made a big purchase last summer in Brookfield CT along with a $300 warranty promising to cover 100% of our order. Turns out after speaking with GBS about our outdoor table which completely rotted away in less than 11 mos, the store issued us the wrong plan which doesn&'t cover outside furniture.We are extremely frustrated as not only was half our order that day for outside furniture, no one from Ashley will return our calls. My husband has personally visited the store twice in the last month only to be told someone will be in touch.I cannot allow myself to ever return or recommend this business until this issue is resolved with some kind of acknowledgment and sincerity. Not only are we out $300 for a bogus plan, the table is borderline unusable and an eyesore at best.

Mike S. 5/31/19

Purchased $7k of furniture from Ashley less than a year ago to furnish our new house. Ashley sold us a warranty that would supposedly cover the entire purchase. Well, the quality of the outdoor furniture is a joke. The umbrella base to our outdoor furniture is rusting, the &"all weather&" table is rotting and literally falling apart. This is despite my purchase of a cover for the table to provide protection against the elements. The outdoor swing was never able to be assembled properly by Ashley installers due to a bolt not being able screw into a warped / stripped threaded hole. Ashley only offered us a $50 gift card for this mishap, stating that the item has been discontinued and they cannot fix. However, it is currently available on their website. So, we filed a claim for the outdoor furniture. The warranty company (GPS) said there was nothing they could do since Ashley signed us up for the wrong warranty. Martha from GPS explained this to Melissa @ Ashley who won&'t return any of our calls. I went the the Brookfield store to talk to someone and show them pictures. The sales staff gave me what now appears to be insincere lip service as he took down my info and said that Gillan would call back within 48 hours. Of course, that time frame passed without any contact from Ashley. So, now I&'m not only stuck with garbage Ashley product, but I&'m also out $300 on a useless warranty on this junk furniture. Might as well take a chance on Walmart, a yardsale, flea market, or a neighbor&'s garbage pile for better quality. My next action will be to contact their corporate office to see if anyone their cares about their customers once they have their money. Based on my experience so far, I anticipate more radio silence from Ashley.

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