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Ashley is committed to being your trusted partner and style leader for the home. This commitment has made Ashley the No. 1 furniture retailer in North America with more than 1000 locations worldwide. No matter which Ashley location you visit, you'll find stylish, quality furniture that's just right for any room in your home. That includes many of the top mattress brands—including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Stearns & Foster—as well as our very own Ashley Sleep mattresses, which offer superior comfort without the premium price tag. In fact, every Ashley Sleep mattress is subject to more than 200 quality control tests—because a great mattress makes a difference to your quality of sleep and even your quality of life. Your home is more than a house. It’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley, we celebrate being home with you. Our locally owned and operated Ashley is passionate about bringing you the best value in furniture and mattresses for your home. Visit your nearest Ashley showroom today.

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Robert Laudadio 11/7/22

DO NOT BUY from Ashley Furniture store in Brookfield CT. False advertising. We were told by the Ashley salesman that their sleepers have no bars that go across your back. They had none in the showroom to show us. We would NEVER have purchased this sleeper if we had tried it in the showroom! We got ripped off! We were promised NO BARS and they promised it was “1,000,000 times better“ than the one with bars. So our salesman James didn’t know what he was selling to us. He was surprised to learn that the bed we got had bars. We showed the District Mgr Jeff the pictures of the bars and he agreed -that there were indeed bars across the bed. He went to Ashley Brookfield VPs twice, and they won’t refund our money or even offer an exchange and we even paid extra for the five year warranty. They said we got what we ordered! Oh, and by the way, the legs were all scratched up upon delivery too! It was delivered in the back of a rusty old pick up truck UPSIDE DOWN wrapped in shrink wrap. We learned that each store is privately owned, so Brookfield management are pulling a bait and switch scam. They have a big sign out front saying 40% off to first responders, and inside they said it includes Veterans. BEWARE VETERANS AND FIRST RESPONDERS. Read the reviews and you'll see, we aren't the only ones. Too bad we didn't go online and read all the bad reviews! We trusted what our salesman told us. SHAME ON THEM!

Jennifer Santomero-Rosenblum 6/12/22

The manager was rude and condescending. He never solved issue.

Crystal Gaytan 4/16/22

worst store for customer service and 100% not family oriented when I had to bring my kids with me. ill never ever shop there or give them my time ever again. would not recommend for anyone.

Laura Whitt 8/23/21

The customer service here is awful! Steer clear altogether. The store manager, Jeff refuses to answer our call for assistance with an incorrect order. Floor manager, Scott is a liar. I’m so disappointed in their service, i will never shop there again or recommend anyone to go in that store ever.

Shauna Segerson 8/11/21

I just bought an expensive bed set from them. We couldn’t have the bed set up due to work being done to the bedrooms. The night tables were delivered fully assembled in boxes. The delivery person did not tell me to open the boxes to check before he left. My night table looks as though it was dropped hard. COMPLETELY broken. Ashley refuses to replace the piece and just ignore my emails. It completely unacceptable. They don’t stand behind their product or service. I’ll never buy from them again

Gina Costanzo Oriol 8/10/21

ETA: Jeff the so called manager refuses to take our phone calls and refuses to refund our $824.99. We have gone in multiple times. We now have to have our attorney deal with this situation. I would highly highly suggest everyone stay away from this awful place! I have never had such an awful experience. And to think this all started I’m the beginning of March. Here we are out of $824.99 with absolutely no new furniture. Ok let’s get this out of the way: Giovanni and Lily are amazing and worked well with us. They both are so kind and personable and went above and beyond! . This review does not reflect them in any way. We placed an order back in March and have been waiting patiently for our new couch to arrive. Because of covid they told us it could be up to 20wks. Understandable. Fast forward to now the end of July and almost the 20 week mark there is still no delivery date available. Thankfully they let us come in and change our order to purchase something that was now in stock. Unfortunately that’s where things went wrong. We picked out a couch and loveseat that we were told was about the same price. And since we had already put over $800 down , that $800 would roll over. Great easy. Well, over 4 hours later, the $800 is lost somewhere and we are now paying nearly double what we actually wanted to spend. Could it be our fault, absolutely. But where is my money? Anyways we left that day with a delivery date and an understanding that their boss would call as the next morning and we would figure everything out. Like why wasn’t our original deposit transferred over to our new order. Fast forward the next morning and I receive the phone call. I’m told exactly what they need from me and I am told I would be hearing back with a couple hours. That was at 10:30am. It’s now 6pm and I still haven’t heard from them. Anxious to know what’s going on I give them a call. I was then told that they are busy and did t have a chance to do anything yet and now since it’s Friday and later in the day they wouldn’t be able to do anything. At this point I must admit I’m angry. I ask to just cancel my order and refund my money that I had already paid. And again I am told they wouldn’t be able to refund my money and will need to check and see if they can cancel my order . Remind you I have been waiting since March for a couch. Throughout this entire process I was kind and patient. But after this I wasn’t going to be kind and patient any longer. Just want out money back.

Sara O'Brien 8/8/21

If I could give 0 stars I would. Spend the extra money and go to a higher end, reputable furniture store. Hell, go to Bob's right next door before walking into this hell hole. My fiance and I ordered our couch on March 27th '21. We were told from the get go that there were delays. Fine. At first we were told the end of June for a time frame. That quickly turned into the end of July and eventually (and most recently) they tried telling me September. I spoke to multiple different people, nobody and I mean NOBODY could tell me what the hold up was with this couch. I was constantly told I'd get a call back by the end of the day or week, that never happened. I was informed that other customers who purchased around the same time as us were getting their items. Again, I never received a straight answer as to what the hold up was this went on for weeks. Somehow miraculously they must have gotten the couch because today they called to set a delivery for next week. Nobody seems to know what they're doing there, terrible customer service. I was disconnected alot when I tried calling, they even directly placed my call on hold when they saw me calling back. Do yourself a favor and go to Bob's literally right across the street. We ordered a kitchen table, coffee table and end tables from them and they as well noted delays but they also provided WEEKLY updates as to the status of our items, unlike Ashley who offered nothing of the sorts and seemed like they had no idea what was going on and why it was taking SO long for our couch to be delivered.

Barbara Gravesen Aziere 6/29/21

Don't buy from this store! My husband and I bought 2 sets of living room/ family room furniture in Nov. 2019. No problems until our dog created some minor holes in one of our couches and padding on seat of Other couch. I bought a warranty when we bought the couches (that costed somewhere around $600) so I thought that I would just call to schedule a repair appointment. However, it's been 2 months of constantly trying to reach out by phone,email, etc.. Each time I called I was lied to by the Brookfield manager, Jeff saying that it was up to the warranty company (montage) to honor our warranty. However when we reached out to this company, they claimed that Ashley never registered our warranty. This company (montage) says that they cannot honor our warranty and to give us our money back. We are now contacting lawyers to figure out this situation that could have been fixed easily. The manager also told us that "the damage was our fault" so there was nothing they could do about it, we want a refund, they can have there furniture back. Which is exactly why we bought the warranty in the first place because we have a rambunctious dog and three kids. Bottom line, don't buy from the Brookfield location and my apologies if you happen to encounter their manager called "Jeff".

MiaLani Morales 5/29/21

The worst experience ever!!! Customer service is far from appreciating the customer!! Purchased furniture in December of 2021 as of today I still don’t have my items spoken to too many people and nothing has been done to satisfy my inconvenience and they tell me to either cancel my purchase or now wait til Aug 2021 to receive my items. Milford and Branford store are the worst don’t ever purchase from these stores they don’t care about the customers!! Or that you have not received your order.

Joseph Giandurco 5/12/21

Broken kitchen table. Horrible customer service. Refused to order the needed screws. Multiple trips to the store to be lied to. The manager in Norwalk is horrible. This place should be closed.

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