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Ashley is committed to being your trusted partner and style leader for the home. This commitment has made Ashley the No. 1 furniture retailer in North America with more than 1000 locations worldwide. No matter which Ashley location you visit, you'll find stylish, quality furniture that's just right for any room in your home. That includes many of the top mattress brands—including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Stearns & Foster—as well as our very own Ashley Sleep mattresses, which offer superior comfort without the premium price tag. In fact, every Ashley Sleep mattress is subject to more than 200 quality control tests—because a great mattress makes a difference to your quality of sleep and even your quality of life. Your home is more than a house. It’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley, we celebrate being home with you. Our locally owned and operated Ashley is passionate about bringing you the best value in furniture and mattresses for your home. Visit your nearest Ashley showroom today.

Customer Reviews
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Nick J. 11/30/20

My wife and I were really excited to shop here. The salesman was awesome and really was patient with us. We ordered our dining room table and living room furniture. We know that it&'s a little delayed with shipping do to the holidays but we didn&'t mind . He said let&'s shoot for mid November or early December the latest. We agreed for it to be delivered Nov 14. A week before that day we got a called that it was delayed and to call them . My wife called them and they said that I was pushed to Dec 30th but that they would call us in 2 days to get it sooner. The 2 days passed and no call back. She called again and they said there was no notes on my account and that it could be months to get it. We decided to go and cancel and the lady at the front tried to help us but couldn&'t. She said she needed her manager approval to cancel and the manager asked how much was the order. I guess that determines if your worth saving as a customer. She said jokingly 12k and the manager seemed concerned but then said jk it&'s only 4500. So you mean to tell me that my family spending 4500 on this economy is not much? That really was disappointing to see them laugh about it like no big deal.

Garrett M. 11/18/20

Wow, just a horrible experience. Bought our daughter a new loft bed. Mind you, we had to chase down someone to actually take our money. Three times. Nothing was in stock so had to wait a week for the bed to come in. The accent chair was now put on backorder for a month. Delivery crew showed up spent like three hours assembling the bed and on the way out the door they told me they had cracked the rails for the ladder and they had &"called&" in the claim and someone would be in touch with me that day. Well, no call that day or the next. So I called the store and the recording tells me they are too busy to answer the phone and to go back to the website for the Chat feature. 2 hours later an agent finally creates a case and I have to upload support photos as proof. Well, while snapping photos I discover a mass of various scratches, dents, missing screws and the actual bed rails are also cracked in half. Tech shows up several days later and informs me that the damage is not fixable and that a new bed will need to be ordered. I was informed that &"someone&" would get back to me within 48 hours to provide further information. A week goes by and I have to spend another 2 hours using the chat feature for Julie to tell me to go pound sand as my 72 hour time period has expired and all sales were final as I made the purchase instore. I was wished the best of luck in being forced to follow the policy...(Parts were ordered, don&'t know what parts, but it would take about 10 business days for them to ship and to expect everything to show up in about 30 days. Then it would take about 5 business days to get a tech scheduled for assembly, if I chose not to do it myself.) That&'s not going to work, so I proceed to call the on my receipt and after about 20 minutes on hold, someone answers. I want to cancel my furniture that is on backorder and I want to know my rights as a customer. The polite lady on the phone tells me that I need to actually talk to a store representative and someone else would be back in touch with me within 48 hours. Nope, I want to talk to someone in the store to cancel my order. On hold again until Amanda answers only to tell me that I have to come back to the store as it is &"impossible&" to credit my card without my presence. So, I have a broken child&'s bed, undelivered &"parts&", backordered furniture, and no refund as that&'s their policy. I am tired of being abused as a customer, Ashley will eat their words, and I will get my money back. Do you and your family a favor and forget about Ashley and Walker furniture. Nothing but regret and headaches will ensue.

Mo G. 11/16/20

Do NOT buy anything from ASHLEY . All is full of shit . Shitty quality at very high price that can not even deliver. Shirt customer service, shitty ignorant liars .They lie to you get your money make a sale , but they can not deliver what you bought ...We moved to a house with nothing. Went to ASHLEY SHITTY store , bought some furniture in August .They rescheduled our delivery 6 times and Now Sunday night Nov. 14 at 6 pm, they call and said they can not deliver our furniture till Jan 20 ...? What the Hell .This company is the worse piece of shit company I ever done business with ..

Maria T. 11/13/20

I purchased and sofa and dining sets with insurance GBS.Useless insurance the same with costumer service of Ashley.They booked an appt. for me to fix my shaking table no call no show.I was promised by a customer care agent EJ for a giftcard being mailed to me 100 bucks for incovenience they mess up my appt.Its all lies never received it. Reached out to follow up on it.Nobody knows about it. Never again Ashley Furnitures everything is like a scam.

O R. 10/25/20

I could not be any more upset with the service of this store. If I could give them a negative rating it probably still wouldn't be enough. Purchased a bedroom set a while back and had to return it because it was all broken and chipped when delivered, kept the mattress which was a mistake, two years of bad sleep and uncomfortable back pains. Finally took initiative to return it. I wish I could of gotten my money back so that I could go somewhere else but I had to stick with Ashley's to get another mattress, and the delivery and pick of the new mattress is a completely mess up. First they said I had to take the mattress to the new location so that it could be picked up and they drop of the new one then They told me they would be there 4-7pm and got to the OLD address at 12pm while we were not home. And then came to the right address still earlier then they had scheduled which made us leave from where we were at to come meet them. Ashley is a total joke.

Debbi G. 10/23/20

Bought an entire house full of Ashley furniture- twice! (Old house and current one) Went to use the warranty on the dining room chairs because they haven&'t held up at all. Had what they call &"a one time courtesy visit. And getting it took two visits in person and several phone called and an email. Anyway I was told my warranty was 1 yr and this was &"normal wear and tear&" I&'m a senior living with my husband and I can&'t imagine we are that tough on chairs. I was offered the opportunity to see if they even have the cushions and buy them and Ashley will put it on. Um... think I will get them reupholstered in something that holds up to two old people eating dinner. Very disappointing.

Roshann C. 10/23/20

I purchased a couch and ottoman from Ashley with the 5 year protection plan. Before my purchase I was advised by the Manager of the store that it was worth getting the protection plan because if anything happened to the cushions, Ashley would replace them.2 Months ago I called regarding our very ill cat that passed urine/blood/diarrhea on the couch while we were out.I immediately contacted the furniture protection plan who stated that they could not come out for 3 1/2 week, so we set up an appointment for Sept 26th. They told us not to clean the furniture or we would void our warranty. After waiting 3 1/2 weeks they did not show up for their appointment.I called many times and was finally given another appointment for 2 more weeks later. I had to clean the couch with soap and water as it was moldy and disgustingly smelly by now.The technician arrived and said he couldn&'t clean it and needed to get approval for a Full clean and not a spot clean and I would hear back within 3-5 days.A week later I called them again, and after a two hour phone call I was told that they are so sorry for everything and would be replacing my fabric but could not replace the cushions even though they were now smelly since they made me wait two months for service. They said it would take two more weeks to get the fabric and then they would send a technician to put them on.I told them again that I was told we could get new cushions if anything happened to them that could not be resolved. I was told to call corporate. Over three weeks I had left 4 messages. On the fourth week I got an agent on the phone who after taking all my details left me on hold for 48 min without coming back online, and then I was disconnected.Today a technician just showed up with an un-announced spot clean appointment, and he was confused when I told him I was supposed to be getting the new fabric so he left without cleaning as well as he did not know anything about the new fabric.This is a complete circus and beyond the worse customer help I have ever experienced.

Star Star Star Star Star
Johnny P. 10/21/20

FELICE AND ADRIANA are the best sales professionals here. Felice was an absolute pleasure to work with, extremely patient with me and worked incredibly hard with Adriana to find me exactly what I wanted for my new home. I really can&'t say enough positive things about them both. If you want the absolute best service DO NOT WORK WITH ANYONE ELSE OTHER THAN FELICE AND ADRIANA!!!

Star Star Star
Shelly M. 10/15/20

The customer service agents were nice enough, but some of them really need further training. For what should have been a simple return / exchange turned into a couple hours of waiting for the paperwork to be done correctly. In the end, all turned out well, but we have learned our lesson. Ashley Home Store, just isn&'t where we will return to do business.

Christian F. 10/15/20

Went in to buy a new bed. Waited 2 weeks for it to be delivered which was no problem. The day of delivery the delivery guys noticed I was missing one side of the bed so they couldn't put it together. We called Ashley's Sunday and they said they would call us Monday it is now Thursday and still no call. We've been on hold waiting for someone to help us. Now our expensive mattress is just on the floor because we took our old bed apart to make room for the new one. I'll never shop here again

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