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Turning houses into homes is our mission at Ashley in Orchard Park. We built our store in Orchard Park so that you can build your home here, too. Our team has been filling homes with furniture and mattresses for years. When you shop at Ashley, General Manager, James Sanford, will make sure your experience is amazing. We want you to love where you live, so our goal is to help you find your own style for a price that can’t be beat. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us, and for it to be as easy as possible to get answers about sales, service, and delivery. You can text us any time at 716-296-4334. When it comes to our team, we strive to provide a great place to work and welcome new applicants in the area. After all, if our team is happy, they'll make you happy. We also want to help people in our community, so we prioritize support to local charities by providing kids who need a better place to sleep with brand new mattress sets. We strive to be sustainable, ethical, and to leave our community in better shape because we’re here. In our home, we believe that everyone should love where they live, from inside their own four walls to outside in a thriving community. That's our way of life! Come see us in Orchard Park in the Target plaza, right off Amelia Dr. The sign is huge; you can't miss it! We’ll be waiting to help you turn your house into your home!

Customer Reviews
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Adam J. Reitz (The Tie Guy) 9/10/22

Scott Katilus 9/6/22

Had my new bedroom set for 2 months, the frame broke. Waited 9 months so far for the part to be made for a technician to come repair it. I got one of the two parts in the mail and since then no one can give me an ETA on when the next part will arrive (its been 3 months since the first part came in) and no one can help me when I call. The last customer service rep I spoke with agreed I have been waiting far too long and was going to look into doing something for me. No call back so I call again two weeks later for another rep to tell me they cannot do anything for me. I understand supply chain issues, but paying nearly $10,000 for a bedroom set that has been broken 5 times longer than not with no possible eta one when I can expect it to be fixed is unacceptable. I will be shopping elsewhere the next time around for furniture

Ryan L 9/6/22

Unfortunately I won't be purchasing another product from this company and will dissuade everyone from purchasing from them. My girlfriend and I were ecstatic about our beautiful sectional until after several months the frame snapped and several springs broke. We both are under 150 pounds by the way. They sent someone to assess the sectional who determined it was a manufacturing flaw. It took months to get them to take the furniture in for fixing and then several weeks to "fix" it. Even though we weren't thrilled about the situation, we understand mistakes happen and were happy once we got our furniture back. Ultimately a while later part of the frame broke off again where it was supposed to have been permanently fixed. The warranty supposedly does not cover the issue due to it being over one year. However, since this issue is due to a manufacturing flaw that should should have never occurred in the first place, and was never fixed properly, I believe they should honor the warranty.

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April (clouddancer46) 8/25/22

Star Star Star
Ann Hecht 7/9/22

Daniel Zehler 6/21/22

I would never purchase anything from this store again without first looking at online prices first. Our salesman pushed to lock in our purchase last week and luckily I didn't. When I opened up Ashley's website I was able to purchase the exact same items at discounts up to 50% less than in the store. Only good this store was to me was being able to see the furniture in person.

Star Star Star Star
Jean Reese 6/10/22

Lisa Zambotti 6/1/22

We went to this store today to find a table that I saw on a competitors site. Hoping to find it in person and purchase. We did find the table. The table was 899 in this store. At the competitors site it was under $600. We asked if they would price match. We were told no. They only price match their own website. So we left. Then at dinner decided to look on the Ashley site and saw it on there for under $600. However the other store price matches and we appreciate that effort so we will be buying it from the competitor. This store marks their products up high in hopes no one goes online and sees how high they are marked. I will never recommend this store or shop here. This is bad business to not price match competitors current pricing.

Star Star Star Star Star
Sarah Bauch 5/14/22

I went with my friend to find him a new couch, and the sales woman (I believe Maryem was her name) was fantastic. Not only was she one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but she was realistic with us. She admitted she was new and went to ask questions when she didn’t know the answers rather than making up answers. Such a nice person with a kind soul who you can tell wants to sell you something you’ll love rather than just making money. I’m still blown away by her kindness.

Star Star Star Star
Jenn B 5/7/22

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