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Turning houses into homes is our mission at Ashley in Camillus. We built our store in Camillus so that you can build your home here, too. Our team has been filling homes with furniture and mattresses for years. When you shop at Ashley, General Manager, Chad Snow, will make sure your experience is amazing. We want you to love where you live, so our goal is to help you find your own style for a price that can’t be beat. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us, and for it to be as easy as possible to get answers about sales, service, and delivery. You can text us any time at 716-296-4334. When it comes to our team, we strive to provide a great place to work and welcome new applicants in the area. After all, if our team is happy, they'll make you happy. We also want to help people in our community, so we prioritize support to local charities by providing kids who need a better place to sleep with brand new mattress sets. We strive to be sustainable, ethical, and to leave our community in better shape because we’re here. In our home, we believe that everyone should love where they live, from inside their own four walls to outside in a thriving community. That's our way of life! Come see us in Camillus, in Fairmount Fair between Target and Wegmans. We’ll be waiting to help you turn your house into your home!

Customer Reviews
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Joshua Garrett 9/27/22

Well, thanks Ashley Furniture for making me never want to purchase another item from you ever again. The 'additional' warranty doesn't cover anything, and just gives Ashley Furniture an out to also not cover anything under their warranties. After buying 2 couches and having to pay to repair both after actually paying for extended warranty for both... No thanks, I'll just buy things Literally anywhere else from now on. Edit: To the person who replied, We've already gone through that process multiple times. Basically, they say they can't do anything and tell us to contact the extended warranty company... when we do, they say they don't cover... and to contact Ashley "support"... and it's a huge finger pointing circle of no one able to do anything. When we ask for escalation, we are told there is no escalation process and that all they can do is recommend a repair company that we have to pay out of pocket. In short, thank you... thank you SOO MUCH for jumping back in and telling is to do the exact thing we've done multiple times already with the exact same result.

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Sparko Heredia 7/13/22

super great, good people to sale, good attention..and very polite…

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Aj Callahan 6/28/22

Great selection, prices and the staff are absolutely great. We're so glad we chose to do buisness here!

Jason Newman 6/21/22

I will never walk into another Ashley store again and I will tell all of my friends and family how myself and my family have been treated. I have never had a company lie and disrespect me the way Ashley has with our order. Every part of our experience has been horrible and we still a year later have not received parts of our order that we are paying on. From the sales team to the store manager and even costumer service did nothing to help us but instead just lie. I went in the store 6 months ago and was told that they were on it and fixing the situation and today told that the piece was still not in and if we wanted to talk with someone that we would be called tomorrow at some point Because the costumer service line was short staffed….. we asked to talk with someone today and told sorry maybe some point tomorrow. I want to give 0 stars….. I will NEVER come back…… and again I will tell everyone how we were treated …. I hope you read this and think before you buy….. it was so bad I can’t believe it Happened to us. We as a family are so let down. I’m not writing this to disrespect Ashley I just hope that if you do spend with them that you get a time line before you sign….. last August we walked in that store excited to put new furniture in our home and now almost a year later we are as a family very disappointed in our decision to trust Ashley..

Tom K 6/21/22

BUYER BEWARE! I received a generic reply to call the owner but when I called the number listed below I received someone in customer service. I was told the warranty that I did not want in the first place did not cover the seat and arms that had flattened out. I was then told I would have to pay for the repair. Parts and labor. So let me get this correct. You send me the wrong chair, I chose to be nice about it and keep it but you want us to pay to repair a chair with a $199.99 warranty that covers NOTHING! We purchased from Ashley in Camillus in the past. We were talked into purchasing a warranty that was supposed to cover the furniture in its entirety. The warranty was expensive and covered nothing! Such as foam cushions, springs and frame. We were also told that if the frame were to break the piece would be replaced at no additional charge and if we didn't use the warranty we would receive a discount on our next purchase. That's because it's cheaper to give the credit than to give good customer service! Again the warranty is NOT worth the paper it is written on. It covers MINOR tears and MINOR spills. We called Ashley and they want us to pay them to send a person out at another $55.00. Fast forward to June 19 2021 we decided to take our previous experience to Ashley in Camillus and give them one more try. WHAT A MISTAKE! We purchased a reclining chair for $1899.99 less $100 warranty reimbursement from our previous furniture because the warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. This is the second time we have been burned at this location. Still have 4 years to pay for a recliner that A) was delivered in the wrong color and because of its size we let the color being wrong go. It was supposed to be blueish grey. We received brown. We didn't even call the store we chose to give them the break. B) the stuffing is so collapsed the chair is painful to sit in. C) Yet again another warranty that favors the warranty company not the consumer. BUYER BEWARE

Esther Roskam 5/17/22

Our past experiences were amazing but our newest piece of furniture has not lived up to expectations and we have had difficulty getting in contact with the right department after several calls. I ultimately was able to reach someone who said that despite having ordered an identical product to my last product and finding the new product is defective in its construction, they do not offer refunds or warranty returns. I don't personally recommend the quality of this furniture any longer.

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Clare Bear 4/19/22

Hands down best furniture and accessories for your home when I’m here I never wanna leave!! :) Keep up the good work Ashley!

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Shawna B is crafty 4/1/22

Really nice furniture store with a nice selection. As well has a clearance section

Aaron Hammock 3/28/22

How in the world does Ashley have 4+ stars. Once they were great. Now well 8000.00 6months and still waiting on my furniture. What furniture that was delivered 3 pieces had to go back because it looked like they were just thrown off the loading dock. OMG Sorry this isn't the same Ashley I bought my furniture from. But guess what I WILL NOT BUY FROM THIS ONE EITHER Because it's also an Ashley Store......

Star Star
Deanne Meeks 8/12/20

Two brand new couches broke with in a few months in the same place. We are a low-impact family (no jumping or climbing on the furniture) and take good care of what we have. The customer service at Ashley Furniture has been disappointing.

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