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The Ashley Store in Wilmington, NC is committed to being your trusted partner and style leader for the home. This commitment has made Ashley the No. 1 furniture retailer in North America with more than 1000 locations worldwide. No matter which Ashley Store location you visit, you'll find stylish, quality furniture that's just right for any room in your home. That includes many of the top mattress brands—including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Stearns & Foster—as well as our very own Ashley Sleep mattresses, which offer superior comfort without the premium price tag. In fact, every Ashley Sleep mattress is subject to more than 200 quality control tests—because a great mattress makes a difference to your quality of sleep and even your quality of life. Your home is more than a house. It’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley, we celebrate being home with you. Our locally owned and operated Ashley Stores are passionate about bringing you the best value in furniture and mattresses for your home. Visit your nearest Ashley Store showroom today!

Customer Reviews
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Carla L. 11/28/21

Bad customer service!! Staff will look at you and not ask if you need help! Will not support this location!

Kyle N. 9/21/21

DO NOT BUY FURNITURE FROM HERE!! I have been waiting for 16 weeks for my furniture to come in. I was quoted 8-16 weeks.. I called today and was told my furniture probably isn't even made yet. This place is a trap. GO LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Terrible business..

Eryn G. 6/3/21

This post is long overdue as I tried to have some grace with the situation but at this point I am irate. I bought over $5,000 worth of merchandise from the Ashley Store (Market St) on 6/29/20. I was originally promised delivery by August, which did not happen but it was fine due to other circumstances. Fast forward to October and we finally receive our order which is where the nightmare really started. To start all of it off, part of the couch came in extremely discolored. After only two weeks of having the couch it looked worse than any couch I had ever even seen at a goodwill. The cushions have an immense amount of piling and the fabric looks to be warped. There are also supports to the couch that are so very close to protruding from the sides. The fabric on our ottoman also started to rip at the corners. After the initial delivery and besides the couch, they also had to come back out and fix/replace dining room chairs as well as a night stand. However, that's not where it ends and the excuses have been never ending. We have had multiple deliveries since our original in October and according to a gentleman in the warehouse, we will not have our last delivery until OVER a year from our original purchase date. This situation as been beyond frustrating as each time it is blown off to a new excuse versus them just making the situation right. If you are looking for furniture, I would run for the freaking hills before I placed an order through Ashley or at least this franchise.

Joseph P. 12/31/19

We bought a sofa, an accent chair, a recliner and a mattress a year ago. When we got the merchandise delivered and used it, the couch squeaked, the arm of the chair became loose, the recliner had a section that came off and within one year the mattress was indented. The couch we saw in the show room and the one that was delivered seemed to be of different quality. The one we got had cushions that were only upholstered on one side and can't be turned over. The chair is now sunken down and we sit very low in it. Service calls were made and the service people were very professional but the quality of the furniture is a bit shoddy.

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Brittney G. 12/26/19

Make sure to see Kristin Lee for assistance. She was great and friendly. I unfortunately had to order my couch online since I lived far away but she was such help.

E A D. 9/16/19

Stay away from this store Nick the store manager is a other fraudster along with the owner Herbert with inflated price like 65% above the Ashley home online this store take advantage of local customer shame on you .... do your research online Ashley home prices and they will price match if not free delivery online so ..dont go to these locally owned Ashley you will save alot with going to this store and if you have a problem nick won't call you back so just drive back to the store and confront him ....stay away from this store bad business practices tell him Mr Taylor told you so

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Vince C. 9/11/19

Not impressed with the quality of the merchandise what whatsoever. Bought several things from them kitchen set lasted for a few years finish came off pretty easily. Bought a couch from them got it home after a few days I realized how poor is the quality is they wouldn't take a return. They did agree to send a different couch but it was just as bad. After 12 months the vinyl that was attached to the leather seating surface begin to severely crack at two years of age it was absolute junk. Costco furniture selections are much higher quality don't bother with Ashley

Tiera P. 7/15/19

I ordered a new sleeper sofa from this store. The movers scratched up the floors and put a dent in the wall to my apartment I was already taking time off of work and had to rush back after they had moved it in. Once I got home I noticed a large stain on the arm, looked like old paint? It definitely could not be taken off. Then a few weeks later, I was taking the bed out and noticed ALL three cushions had been ripped. I went into the store over a month ago and reported all of this, as I bought the insurance and still had the warranty. They told me it would take a couple months for someone to come out and see if they could remove the stain but they will send me new cushions. I told them I was moving to another state in a month and they assured me the cushions would get there in time. At this point, I just want the couch gone so my plan was to sell it before moving. A month later, still no cushions. I called back today, a week before we move, and they can't find any order for cushions and now the manager, nick, doesn't remember dealing with this situation. Now I need to move this couch and they want to send a new order to my new address in another state, who knows how long that will be. I'm tired of dealing with it. One star for the secretary trying to help me out.

Michele G. 3/21/19

Nightmare! Buyers beware. I bought a living room set from Ashley Home Store in Monkey Junction with one piece customized and a queen bed for my son. The cough was delivered with a chunk out of the fabric and they took that back, brought another one that the recliner did not work in. Current cough, back rest broke and they repaired it once only to break again and still remains broken. Stuffing in all of the back-rest cushions have flatten in the couch. The large loveseat, the board for the foot rest fell off repaired it ourselves because we just did not have the time to call them out again, screws and nuts fell off underneath the seat of the recliner somewhere, husband went through and had to secure all the rest then the cable that releases the foot rest on the recliner broke, to be honest, they did provide us with a free handle and we fixed it. When they delivered my custom loveseat, they have customized it by using ZIP TIES to secure the middle piece with the cubby and cup holder to the other parts of the loveseat, they finally delivered that one correctly. YES I HAVE PICTURES THAT FOR SOME REASON WILL NOT LOAD!Purchased a queen size bed for my son who is in law enforcement, only to have it develop a huge sink hole that manifest itself in both sides of the mattress even when you rotate it in a circle ( one sided pillow-top unable to flip over), because the springs in the mattress gravitate to the middle and we currently have a 31 inch long by 11 inch canyon that is approximately 7 inches deep. The mattress is still under warranty, and we have tried to arrange times for them to come and inspect the mattress to see if we can get credit and by another bed, first time was to be 2PM last Thursday, received a message that was very staticky and the man was trying to come early, I work in the medical field and was not able to leave early, but was at my house at 2 because I had others working on something, no one came. Called the Ashley Furniture Repair division only to be told that the man came but did not know because of a note on the door............did not call to let me know he was there either. Set another appointment for today at 4PM, I was outside, cellphone in hand, called Repair shop at 4:25 only to be told it is for next week, I did not make an appointment for a day I have previously scheduled duties. Now I am being told that they give "windows to come out", no sorry, I was given a specific time because they already screwed up, now I am being asked to reschedule has been three weeks trying to get someone to just come and look at the mattress, I have offered to take the mattress to them and they said no, I offered to take it to the store and was told that only the warehouse man can determine if we get credit under the mattress warranty. Called the Store in Monkey Junction and spoke with the Manager, still not able to get anything accomplished, he did say the we might get the credit of what the mattress cost toward a new bed, but the Repair Store would have to schedule an appointment......seriously? Setting appointments has gotten nowhere because they don't keep them, but they keep us jumping through hoops and leaving work to get here only to have them no show. The manager explained that it was really hard for them to get the manufacturers to honor their warranties with Ashley and they might not take the bed back from Ashley, maybe this is why they don't want to come out and inspect the mattress. I told the manager to forget it, 400.00 credit towards another bed (AND WE ARE LOOKING TO BUY A SLEEP NUMBER SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU READ THIS AND KNOW OF AN HONEST REPUTABLE MATTRESS STORE). I told the manager that I was writing this review. I hope it helps someone else not drop thousands of dollars in a place with cheap furniture and no honor on warranties. I hope this post saves someone their hard-earned dollar and the headaches.Michele Garcia

Kay C. 3/8/19

Not sure I would trust the professionalism of a company that drives around with phallic pictures on their vehicle. I hate to not give them a chance, but what kind of company tolerates such an offensive display? Terrible advertisement for your store.

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