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Turning houses into homes is our mission at Ashley in Brooklyn. We built our store in Brooklyn so that you can build your home here, too. Our team has been filling homes with furniture and mattresses for years. When you shop at Ashley, General Manager, Michelle Thompson, will make sure your experience is amazing. We want you to love where you live, so our goal is to help you find your own style for a price that can’t be beat. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us, and for it to be as easy as possible to get answers about sales, service, and delivery. You can text us any time at 716-296-4334. When it comes to our team, we strive to provide a great place to work and welcome new applicants in the area. After all, if our team is happy, they'll make you happy. We also want to help people in our community, so we prioritize support to local charities by providing kids who need a better place to sleep with brand new mattress sets. We strive to be sustainable, ethical, and to leave our community in better shape because we’re here. In our home, we believe that everyone should love where they live, from inside their own four walls to outside in a thriving community. That's our way of life! Come see us in Brooklyn near Lowe's. We’ll be waiting to help you turn your house into your home!

Customer Reviews
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Scott Yoder 9/25/22

They have superior service & products. All the major furniture stores sell Ashley Furniture. They don’t have my salesperson Tosh. Highly recommend

Kyle Sturgeon 9/22/22

It has been well over a year and we still do not have a working couch. It's like nobody ever communicates with each other inside this entire company and the 3rd parties they use are incredibly incompetent and understaffed

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Ana Ortiz 9/20/22

They actually leave you alone.

Joshua Feliciano 9/12/22

Don't waste your time! It's been over two months now I still haven't received my mattress. Yes just a simple Mattress. There have been 4 delivery attempts each one a fail. The last time they came, it was with half the order claiming my mattress was out of stock. Even though this was the 4th attempt and I have a message from July stating it was in stock. The customer service has been atrocious! The sales people only care about the sale which is expected, but from the GM who was clueless to the corp office it's been the worst experience I've ever had and I have dealt with every place you could think of over there years. If you want your order promptly and to be treated respectfully go elsewhere. These people couldn't get you a get you your furniture if their lives depended on it.

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Jared Schaaf 9/4/22

Jeremy was extremely helping us buy great pieces at great prices! Would recommend to many

A G 8/14/22

WHAT A RIP OFF! Buyers Beware!!!! This place is the worst, they will tell you its on sale but is just marked over its true price. After sell me a mattress that they claimed has a 100 Day sleep trial, the go back and tell me its from manufacture so I would have had to buy it directly from the manufacture, and they wont help me. Bunch of liars, deceptive, frauds. Im getting my next mattress from MattressFirm unlike these guys they stand behind there products!

Amanda Miller 8/4/22

We purchased our dining room table from our local store in 2019 and got the platinum protection plan. It has proven to be useless and when calling Ashley Furniture we were given terrible customer service. We have used dawn dish detergent and a microfiber cloth to clean our table since the day we got it and the finish is already wearing away from the table top. We were told it was not covered because it's considered "accumulated wear" even though we were cleaning it the way it was recommended. Calling the Corporate office didn't help and we were given contradicting information with every "explanation" provided. Coming from a customer service background myself, I cannot believe how they are NOT addressing this issue in a satisfactory manner. We will take our business elsewhere moving forward.

Tina Kovar 8/3/22

The worst company I have ever dealt with.

Veronica Rust 7/27/22

They brought me my adjustable purple mattress and bed. They had a 10 minute window to set up. Never plugged the bottom part in and the top will not lay flat! Never had a back problem until I got this! It’s been two months and they still have not fixed it or made it right. We spent over 5,000 dollars on this top of the line crap! Very disgusted with their service!

Michelle Sese 5/7/22

EDIT: Laughable update: my couch was finally delivered 9 months later BROKEN, and they wont be able to fix it until 9/19/22. Ive waited FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS TO HAVE IT FIXED. They wont prioritize my service request even though Ive WAITED AN ENTIRE YEAR FOR A WORKING COUCH. Also, they never showed up for the 9/19 service call. DO NOT BUY HERE. My whole experience with Ashley has plummeted since the moment they took my money for a couch 8 months ago. They give unreliable updates on when delivery is expected. Their customer service text line dodges questions about their cancellation process and keeps from giving any specific status on your order. Instead they try to placate with you with the old “Well you could go somewhere else but youll just be waiting longer!”. Finally get told its ready to be delivered but I only have TWENTY FOUR HOURS to respond or theyll “reallocate” my items to the NEXT CUSTOMER. Oh, and Ill have to pay a fee. Well, that seems totally fair. So we tell them we are ready; they schedule delivery for A WEEK LATER. It’s laughable at this point. Im given an estimated time of 1 pm - 4 pm. I call the delivery line at 4:10. Im told Im delivery 11 and theyre at 8, delivery will be around 5 pm. Well its 7:50. No couch. Delivery call center is closed. No response from text line. And. Still. No. Couch. Update: I get a auto-text at 8:21 that delivery will be in approx 10 min, only for the dispatcher to call me (wait, I thought you were closed?) and say theyll be there closer to 9:30. Couch delivered 10:20 pm. Now, I dont blame the delivery guys. I blame the carelessness of the scheduling department. My experience with them has turned me off entirely from this place. I hear Bobs Discount Furniture is better.

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