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Ashley at Easton Town Center has stylish and quality furniture, mattresses, and accessories that will make any room stand out. Our passionate and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your creative vision for your home! With an amazing selection of home furnishings from the #1 retailer of furniture and bedding in the United States, Located near Easton Town Center, our store is easily accessible from I-270.

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Megan Jones 9/26/22

Beware of getting anything delivered to your home! They outsource and use Riverstone Logisitcs. On Sept 9, 2022, two delivery men caused $1400 worth of damage to our walls, stair rail and trim when attempting to put a sectional in our basement. And the men even measured and assured me it would fit fine. Now both the delivery company and Ashley Furniture are refusing responsibility even after showing photos. Absolutely appalling!

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Nathan Spieldenner 9/25/22

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Lisa Getzey 9/5/22

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Theresa J. Gaser 9/2/22

Customer service was great!

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N 8/30/22

When it comes to furniture, I enjoy looking through online prices as well as checking the physical items in person. Finding them in person is much more helpful when it comes to color comparison and gathering the details by the employees. Great options as well as inspiration for room decorations.

Hibret Ellos-Misgina 8/27/22

Do not buy anything from Ashley home furniture! They have a terrible assembly team. I ordered a bed and they could not put together. They left the mattress so my daughter had something to sleep on the floor. We waited for a 2nd delivery team. They could not put the bed together! We ordered a our bed in the beginning of summer nearly 3 months! The third team shows up with another bed and they did a poor job assemblying the bed! The headboard feels like it could fall apart at anytime. Why bother with another team, the 4th one to try to fix it. Bad service, unorganized and I wish they would just refund money!

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Marcia Neville 8/25/22

Aisha Ali 7/26/22

This place has a very unpleasant and un satisfying customer service , The equipment comes broken , it’s a huge scam , THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL. AND THEY SHOULDNT HAVE ANY CUSTOMERS . the manager straight up told me to go after I asked for an exchange on my furniture. I have never experienced anything like this .

Latoya Capers 7/21/22

My fiance' and I just purchased our first home, and we chose Ashley as the place to furnish it. We made a very large purchase with Ashely-Easton in November, 2021. We purchased our bed, entire living room and dining room furniture. The sales lady was Mary Gower. At the time of purchase Mary explained to us that there would be a delay in delivery, but EVERYTHING would be in and delivered to us by February, 2022. Needless to say all of our furniture was NOT delivered by February, 2022 and was delivered sporadically throughout the months. We got 1 chair one month, the dining room table another month, the dining room bench another month, all of the living room furniture was split up and we are still waiting on our ned to be assembled. We've had the headboard and rails in our bedroom on the floor still in the box for several months causing us to have to sleep on the floor. Every time we were given a date for an item to arrive in the warehouse, it was pushed out another month causing us to have to cancel planned events in our home and continue sleeping on the floor. I was in email communication with Amanda Johnson, the customer care specialist who assured me, I would be compensated once all items were delivered for the false information given and the long drawn out time for delivery. She also assured me she would personally keep me updated on items that arrived in the warehouse. Needless to say, I have not heard from Amanda, and she has not responded to my emails. Here it is July, 2022, and we finally got the last item on the list which is the footboard. I called to confirm the bed would be assembled when the footbaord was delivered since the headboard and rails have been sitting in boxes on the floor for 10 months. It was confirmed that the bed would be assembled. Once again, a disappointment. The foot board was delivered and the bed was not assembled. The delivery team puts me on the speaker phone with a lady named April who identified as the delivery manager. She states to me that, unfortunately, after 10 months of waiting for the pieces of my bed, it will not be assembled because her team was not aware of it or communicated to from the other team. Although the ticket clearly said "white glove" delivery, which means to assemble, she informed me her huys would not be assembling my bed. So here I am , once again, disappointed by Ashely because I confirmed my bed would be assembled, and it was not due to miscommunication between Ashely and their teams. After waiting 10 months to get items that I paid for up front, I am still having issues with Ashley with no customer concern for my frustration. This has been the worse service, and I would not recommend Ashley's for the simple fact that they lied about the delivery date just to make a sale, and everything I was told never happened throughout the months. I would have NEVER purchased these items if I knew at the time of payment I would not get them until 10 months later. This is unbelievable, and very disappointing.

Justin McMahon 5/24/22

STILL WAITING FOR A BED FRAME AFTER 1 YEAR We purchased a bedroom set, mattress, kitchen table and couch during Memorial Day 2021. We were told by an employee, who has since been fired, that all of our furniture was currently in stock. We were building a new house that finally finished in December. When we went to schedule our delivery in November, we were told that several of the items were not in stock. They promised us it would be in stock by the end of December. Our furniture was delivered right before Christmas, but the bed frame was not delivered and they delivered us a countertop height table with normal table height chairs. None of the delivery men spoke English so they were unable to help. This started our nightmare of dealing with Ashley customer service. It's almost impossible to get someone on the phone and when you do they are not helpful and are often rude. The only shining light was the new management and employees at the Easton Ashley store. I gave up calling the customer service line and just called them. The table we had selected in May 2021 was out of stock and had no new estimated delivery date. The manager was willing to find us a more expensive table and chairs that were actually in stock and got them delivered for us. He also threw in some free couch pillows for our troubles. There was nothing he could do about the bed frame as it was part of a matching set and was still in stock. He gave us a temporary bed frame for free that we could use until the new bed frame came, which we really appreciated. I believe his name was Jeremy and he is amazing. Fast forward to May 2022 and we still do not have a bed frame. We paid for this $7,000 in cash in May of 2021 and they still have been unable to fulfill our order. Every month when we call they say that it will be in the next month. They promised us by May 28th, but today they called and told us they have to push back the date again. What is MIND BLOWING is that they still sell this bed and there is actually a bed on their stock room floor but they are not allowed to sell us that particular one. If you are wanting furniture that you plan to use in the next year, DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. They have no ability to fulfill your order. UPDATE: Finally received my bed frame after one full year. So glad this nightmare is over. I know it looks like the owner tried to reach out to me below, but when I followed up with them via email they sent me some generic email that showed no interest in actually learning anything from my experience.

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