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Turning houses into homes is our mission at Ashley in Mentor. We built our store in Mentor so that you can build your home here, too. Our team has been filling homes with furniture and mattresses for years. When you shop at Ashley, General Manager, Danielle Rickerd, will make sure your experience is amazing. We want you to love where you live, so our goal is to help you find your own style for a price that can’t be beat. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us, and for it to be as easy as possible to get answers about sales, service, and delivery. You can text us any time at 716-296-4334. When it comes to our team, we strive to provide a great place to work and welcome new applicants in the area. After all, if our team is happy, they'll make you happy. We also want to help people in our community, so we prioritize support to local charities by providing kids who need a better place to sleep with brand new mattress sets. We strive to be sustainable, ethical, and to leave our community in better shape because we’re here. In our home, we believe that everyone should love where they live, from inside their own four walls to outside in a thriving community. That's our way of life! Come see us in Mentor, right off Plaza Blvd. before Dillard's. We’ll be waiting to help you turn your house into your home!

Customer Reviews
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All I Got To Say Is Run The Other Way Dont Shop Here Enough Said

Marta M Milton 11/16/22

Very poor customer service after you get the product. I’ll never buy anything from them again!

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Arthur T 10/14/22

I had such a great experience with the Ashley store in Mentor, from my sales person, Keathon, to the delivery of my final piece. I purchased a mattress, recliner, and sofa recliner in November of 2021. The mattress arrived in just a few weeks, and was perfect. They did explain it would be several months for manufacturing and delivery of the furniture, so I knew I was in for a wait. I received both pieces in May, but there was a small stain on one of the footrests of the sofa. It was hardly noticeable, so I didn't see it until about a half hour after delivery. When I called to find out cleaning instructions, they said they would send a tech out to replace the stained piece of material. It did take a couple months for that, but I was okay with that. The furniture and mattress are very comfortable, look great, and were definitely worth the wait! Thank you Ashley!!!

Rich O'Donnell 10/11/22

It took 2 months to get our couch and loveseat which was expected at the start, but the loveseat arrived damaged and unusable. Another 2.5 months later and a repair tech came to evaluate and determined it non-fixable. Another week or so later a replacement finally arrived and was acceptable. 3 trips with time spent waiting at home and numerous calls which fell on deaf ears. Yet payment was expected as soon as original non-functional unit arrived. Paying while unable to use was difficult to swallow and Sales Manager washed his hands of any accountability. We will not be shopping here again.

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Robert B 8/5/22

Not cheap at all nice furniture

Star Star
Robert Magro 8/2/22

We went to Ashley's to furnish a downtown apartment we rented. First the good: the people in the store were very helpful and when we finally got our furniture it looked nice and was of good quality. The bad: delivery was a nightmare. Our furniture came in 3 deliveries, the first delivery of a mattress and table and chair set went fairly well except for the table missing a leg which they did get shipped to us within a week. It took 4 attempts for us to get our second delivery which entailed a half day off of work each time. The first delivery the drivers drove by our building without stopping because they saw a road closed and never called to tell us. Had they called I could have brought them in another entrance and wouldn't have waited for hours for a delivery that never came. The second time our furniture was delivered to the wrong address. On our third attempt the drivers refused to double park their truck which is what every other delivery person making deliveries to our building does, including Ashley's delivery people on 3 other occasions. On the 4th try our couch, chair and nightstand finally came but was supposed to be delivered by 5:30, at 8:30 we got a call that they were running late and did we want to reschedule, and after saying no, the furniture finally arrived at 10:30 pm on a Friday night because Ashley way overfilled the delivery truck. Our last delivery of a bed took about 6 months but was not accompanied by the previous issues. My understanding is that Ashley contracts out their deliveries, which allows them not to take responsibility for the snafus that happen, frankly an apology doesn't help me after taking off work. We did have some excellent delivery people and some who were not, but you don't get to chose. I would certainly never order anything to be delivered downtown again and probably wouldn't order from Ashley again because it just wasn't worth the hassle getting it delivered. Lastly as this was going on we attempted to call the Mentor store to help us. They expressed appropriate outrage but never did anything to help.

Denise Detnerski Skrout 7/27/22

I would like to sing the praises of one of your Salesmen at the Mentor Ashley Furniture Store, Mitchell Myers. Mitchell helped us buy a new mattress a few weeks ago. He was very respectful and extremely knowledgeable of the product we were seeking. His work ethic belied his years, and we felt very comfortable with him, as well as being educated by the information he provided us! We happily bought a mattress from him, and we will HIGHLY recommend him to our friends!! Thank you, Mitchell, for caring about your customers and the products that you represent and sell!! 😊

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Vanessa Woodson 7/24/22

I needed a sectional and I knew they were having a Black Friday sale for the whole month of July. I told Hunter the salesman what I was looking for and he found exactly what I was looking for. He wasn't pushy and he knew what he was talking about. Most definitely would come back if I need more furniture

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Nicole Venen 7/19/22

Kendra was very warm and welcoming from the start. Her approach was not pushy or pressuring whatsoever. She showed us one model based on what we were looking for and then let us look. We ended up getting the example she showed us in the beginning! It was a great experience at Ashley.

Veronica Pierman 7/19/22

Buyer beware!!! Very deceptive, dishonest and unprofessional. We purchased a purple mattress from Ashley. When the mattress was delivered, the company Ashley hired to deliver the mattress came an hour late, ripped the Wi-Fi wire that was attached to our house off our house with their truck when they left which left us without Wi-Fi for three days and decapitated the top of our lightpost off which we had fix on our own. My husband and i had to take time off of work because we couldn't work without Wi-Fi. Worse than that, though, we were provided with the 100 day guarantee paperwork along with the mattress when it was delivered that if we don't like the mattress we can return it for a full refund, but we had to try it for approximately a month before we could determine if we wanted it or not. The mattress was much firmer than the display model in the store that we tried out. We slept on it for a month though and it remained very uncomfortable. My back which is already in bad shape has progressively gotten worse (I am now taking 8 ibuprofen in addition to my prescription medication to get some sleep; not even a full night). My husband called to return the mattress after we had it for the month and they refused to take it back. Come to find out if you purchase the mattress from Ashley and not from Purple directly, there is no guarantee. Why did we get paperwork telling us otherwise? Purple won't work with us either. Now we are stuck with a $3000 mattress we have to pay for and don't like. It is horrible!!! Never will do business with such a deceptive, dishonest, unprofessional place.

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