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The Ashley outlet store of Antioch, TN offers discounts ranging up to 60% off on stylish, high quality furniture, mattresses, and home decor items from a variety of best sellers and products from the top-selling brands at Ashley. At Ashley Outlet of Antioch, TN you'll find amazing furnishings and mattress items discounted with affordable prices that fit just right for any room (and budget!) in your house.

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Libuse Karich 10/3/22

Grey helped us with our purchase of 6 dining chairs. He was helpful, courteous and professional. Everyone there really took care of us. We will definitely let others know to shop there for bargain and good salesmanship.

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Tamika Otey 10/1/22

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Rushell Crawford 10/1/22

Jamhir was a pleasure working with. He was very friendly sales person. Thank you and I would recommend him to anyone who go into the Antioch store.

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favs4me 10/1/22

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Allison Ullein 9/30/22

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Jordan McClure 9/27/22

Jarrison was very helpful and found us a sofa that was exactly what we were looking for.

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Elroy Vennie 9/25/22

Very good value of furniture for very descent price! Also good sales personnel!

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Dani 9/25/22

Jarrison was very friendly and knowledgeable. He listened to our needs and helped us find everything we needed at a great price.

Kristin Turner 9/18/22

I’ll start by saying my issue isn’t with this Ashley Outlet. It’s with Ashley. But unfortunately I have no way to review Ashley overall. If I could offer customers one piece of advice for purchasing from Ashely, it would be this: don’t. I ordered a bedroom set from a local Ashley store on November 28 2021. I just received it yesterday (September 17 2022). Yes, that is a full 10 months later, or 40 weeks compared to their estimated 16 with the disclaimer that it may extend beyond that timeframe. Clearly. Waiting an additional 6 months wasn’t the only issue, either. Soon after purchasing the set, I called Ashley and requested one of the items be taken off as I no longer thought it would work in the space. I was assured that it was taken care of. Fast forward to when I called several months later (to get an update on my anticipated delivery date for the upteeenth time) and when reviewing the items in my order, the item I requested to be canceled (and was assured was canceled) was still on my order. I again requested the item be removed and was again assured it was taken care of. Well, when I finally received my delivery, guess what was included. Ashley chat told me there were no returns. Unacceptable. I called Ashley and suddenly I could return it. So which is it? So, now I’m dealing with the inconvenience of having to return a heavy piece of furniture I didn’t want in the first place. Is that all? Oh no, I’m not done yet. After waiting for nearly a year for my delivery, I got a call from the delivery team (a separate entity) warning me that all of my furniture was damaged after being imported. They said there was no point in delivering any of it. At this point, nothing surprised me. I was left to wait yet again. Four additional weeks. Throughout my experience I was in touch with Ashley multiple times. And I can honestly say there is such a lack of compassion. If you contact their team, you’ll be given a generic “I’m sorry” and no attempt to resolve the situation. Not only are they wholly unconcerned, they also like to pass the buck. If you call Ashley, oh it’s the store’s fault. Or it’s the delivery team’s fault. It’s never their fault. Please don’t have any expectations. My last conversation is what spurred me to write this review. I was met with the same lack of sympathy or concern that I’d seen over and over again. I look forward to canceling my Ashley credit card and never having to deal with them again. Please learn from my mistakes. TLDR: Don’t order from Ashley unless you enjoy purchasing from a company who are completely unconcerned about their customers and take no responsibility with their actions.

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Lillian Woodfork-payne 9/18/22

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