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Greetings From Ashley in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Whether it’s time to give your home a quick makeover or a full facelift, Ashley is here to help. We’re known as one of the best furniture stores in Knoxville, TN, for a good reason! We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of beautiful furniture options. Our showroom carries everything from living room furniture to outdoor furniture. Our goal is to make outfitting your home in a new look a breeze, whether your style is more modern refinery or traditional contemporary.

Planning Your Visit to Ashley Knoxville

Ready to stop by? We’re located on Turkey Drive, just off I-40 on the southwest side of town. If you need a familiar landmark to help, we’re right next to the Texas Roadhouse and across the street from Baskin-Robbins. We also have nearby Ashley locations in Jefferson City and Cookeville if those are closer to you — though we’ll miss you at our store!

If you do stop by our Ashley Knoxville, TN location, we recommend coming in around 11 a.m. This is our least busy time of day, so it means our associates will have the most free time to help you browse styles and coordinate your design.

Fill Your Home With Our Trendy Styles

Customer service is important to us, which is why we want to give you a superior experience when you stop into our store. After all, it’s what makes us one of the best furniture stores in Knoxville! Our associates will always ask you the right questions when you come in so we can qualify your shopping needs. Furthermore, we put a lot of effort and inspiration into setting up our displays so you can see how the furniture will visually look in your home.

As of right now, some of the products our customers love include Rawcliffe sectionals, the Realyn bedroom set, and the Dunwell reclining group. These look great in spaces where you want to kick back and relax. If you’re getting a bedroom set, don’t forget to take a look at our mattresses as well!

However, we do have a few new trendy styles that are making waves as well. The Carnaby sectional, Tavani sectional, and Maimz sofa come in creamy neutral colors that could accent a number of spaces.

Giving Back to Our Community

In the last five years, we have donated over $4 million to local and regional charities, including the Samaritan’s Purse, Helping Mamas, the local police department, and the honor guard. We believe it’s our social responsibility to give back wherever we can!


Customer Reviews
2.5 Star Star Star
(64 reviews)
Guadalupe Gonsalez 1/30/23

Shop a different location, stay away from Turkey Creek !!!! I don't recommend dealing with Sara Harris Quillen ho has no knowledge as a salesperson or Sheryl Blair who is a very rude manager. Both can't even bother to apologize!!

Alive Meketsi 1/19/23

I had the best experience working with Mrs Shirley Wagner, She started managing my trading account with my first deposit of $1000 and she help me made over $10,500 in less than 2 weeks Thank you for making the process stress free! Highly recommend Mrs Shirley Wagner to anyone regarding their trading account managing needs! she's very hardworking and her professionalism is top-notch and worth sharing for the benefit of other's, Contact Shirley, her service is one of the best and I'm glad to recommend her anywhere, anytime best that I've ever invest with. DM her WhatsApp:+1(305)699-4247 or Email:

Phil Bifulco 1/5/23

I bought a recliner from Ashley back in September. The price was good however it was out of stock for 6 weeks. They asked me before I bought the chair if that was OK. This is a plus. At least I knew beforehand. As promised I had the chair in 6 weeks. After it was assembled. The delivery service was good. We noticed a very visible blemish on the back of the chair. The driver assured me they company would make good. It took a bit, but they did send out a repair technician who could not clean it up. He said he would order a new one. Again, it may take 6 weeks. However, it only took two weeks. Another 3 weeks to schedule an appointment but it was now the holiday season. This very polite and efficent technician came yesterday on time I might add and quickly fixed the chair. The amount of time involved overall may sound like a bit much, but we do have a labor shortage and everyone at Ashley remained polite while at times I was vexed. I would and will gladly buy from them again.

John Karnas 12/6/22

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Michaela Brooks 10/23/22

Would give zero stars if I could. Absolutely terrible experience with Ashley Furniture. We purchased 2 desks and were able to pick them up same day. One came in original box and the other in what they call “re-wrap”. During assembly of the “re-wrapped” desk, all of the hardware was missing and the desk was damaged in multiple areas. We called Ann, our sales person, to resolve the issue. We waited 4 hours to hear when we would be able to replace the desk and never received a response, so we decided to return for a refund. It was like pulling tooth and nail to get a refund. Sherry Blair, the store manager was very rude from the moment I spoke to her. She made the comment “this is not Walmart, you can’t just return stuff” when I told her I wanted a refund for damaged furniture. She explained that their store policy states no refunds and that it is on the receipt. ***for one, the receipt is not given until after purchase and our sales person did not mention the no refund policy.*** I was given the go around for 2 days and finally took it upon myself to return them back to the warehouse and demand a refund. We will never do business with Ashley or affiliated Ashley furniture stores again!!

Emily Oram Goodson 10/19/22

Do not buy from Ashley furniture!!! I have experienced the worst customer service. We bought a bedroom set and made it clear we wanted one from the warehouse. They delivered the one that was on display with someone else’s name and address on the ticket (unfortunately I did not notice until just after they left.) I have called for 3 weeks and the manager will not call back, finally talked to her today and she will not do a thing to remedy the fact that we have some dinged up furniture instead of the ones that were in the warehouse. Awful customer service and to top it off she hung up on me!

Samantha Woody 5/12/22

Don’t shop at Ashley home store. I bought a 300 dollar comforter set, which didn’t match my decor (didn’t realize at the time) but when I went to return it, they said they would give me 60 bucks and I could keep it…. Who does business like that? Don’t waste your money!

Mara Thrasher 9/5/21

Ashley HomeStore in Knoxville has great customer service in person, but don’t let them fool you. You may be promised your items within 30 days, which seems like a lot, but you’ll agree anyways because you like the couches. 15 days will go by. You’ll wonder whether it’ll take all 30 days. It will. 30 days will come and go without your order or any contact from the store. You give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s just a little delayed. At 40 days, you’ll reach out and find that there is no update on your order. At 45, you’ll call and ask where to go from here. Your salesperson will get back to you. Day 46, no return call. Day 47, no return call. On day 48, you’ll call angrily because it’s out of hand. Your salesperson will call you back the next morning when he’s in store. When he does call you, he will tell you that there’s a waiting list. You’re number 4 for one couch you purchased and number 8 for another. When will the next shipment be in? He doesn’t know. He might know soon? It’s unclear. You’re now in a new home with no furniture in it because you trusted them with over $1k of your money when you should have just gone somewhere else. I will never shop here again, no matter how trendy their products are or how friendly their staff may seem. This was NOT an easy process by any means, and it’s not even over yet. I get supply issues, but as a store, you need to anticipate how that will look for your business model and warn customers appropriately. This is unacceptable.

Jennifer Speeks Marma 9/1/21

We went in this morning and met with a super nice salesman. He went to check availability for us. We ended up waiting for him for over 15 minutes while a woman I assume to be the manager of the store has a staff meeting. Staff meetings are important and informative information needs to be delivered but it should be done before the doors open or after they close NOT while paying customers are standing there waiting.

Jeff Halpainy 7/20/21

Lied to for starters. We've been several days trying to get an order status and apparently no one there knows how to do this unless your my salesperson but I don't know about that because he won't call me back. We called Monday morning and we were informed that he was with a customer, the person on the phone allegedly took our information and said he'd call back, that afternoon we called again because surprise we didn't get a call and we were told he didn't work that day. With a customer in the morning but had the day off in the afternoon?? Nothing worse than a liar in my book and someone did. Still awaiting an answer to a very simple question. BTW the section on the website for checking the order yourself doesn't seem to be functioning properly at least for us.

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