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Greetings From Ashley Store in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Whether it’s time to give your home a quick makeover or a full facelift, Ashley Store is here to help. We’re known as one of the best furniture stores in Knoxville, TN, for a good reason! We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of beautiful furniture options. Our showroom carries everything from living room furniture to outdoor furniture. Our goal is to make outfitting your home in a new look a breeze, whether your style is more modern refinery or traditional contemporary.

Planning Your Visit to Ashley Store Knoxville

Ready to stop by? We’re located on Turkey Drive, just off I-40 on the southwest side of town. If you need a familiar landmark to help, we’re right next to the Texas Roadhouse and across the street from Baskin-Robbins. We also have nearby Ashley Store locations in Jefferson City and Cookeville if those are closer to you — though we’ll miss you at our store!

If you do stop by our Ashley Store Knoxville, TN location, we recommend coming in around 11 a.m. This is our least busy time of day, so it means our associates will have the most free time to help you browse styles and coordinate your design.

Fill Your Home With Our Trendy Styles

Customer service is important to us, which is why we want to give you a superior experience when you stop into our store. After all, it’s what makes us one of the best furniture stores in Knoxville! Our associates will always ask you the right questions when you come in so we can qualify your shopping needs. Furthermore, we put a lot of effort and inspiration into setting up our displays so you can see how the furniture will visually look in your home

As of right now, some of the products our customers love include Rawcliffe sectionals, the Realyn bedroom set, and the Dunwell reclining group. These look great in spaces where you want to kick back and relax. If you’re getting a bedroom set, don’t forget to take a look at our mattresses as well!

However, we do have a few new trendy styles that are making waves as well. The Carnaby sectional, Tavani sectional, and Maimz sofa come in creamy neutral colors that could accent a number of spaces.

Giving Back to Our Community

In the last five years, we have donated over $4 million to local and regional charities, including the Samaritan’s Purse, Helping Mamas, the local police department, and the honor guard. We believe it’s our social responsibility to give back wherever we can!

Customer Reviews
2.4 Star Star Star
(62 reviews)
Pamela D. 2/25/21

We bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff and it&'s all beautiful but pretty cheap made. The delivery guys are rude and messed up my walls moving stuff and seem to have an attitude. Been waiting forever on rugs and every time I call for an update I&'m told they will look into it and they&'re always rude like it&'s an inconvenience for me to call and wonder where my stuff is for nearly 4 months. Never ever ever buy here! Lesson learned! They also have the same delivery people as Knoxville Wholesale furniture who are just as bas as well.

John M. 2/24/21

Never order from this company... they do not support relief if your stuff comes four months late... they act like their furniture is custom made, like ordering baseball uniforms for a ball team, but in reality, they cannot keep the cash flow on the &"sheets&" in business world to keep up with demand... they are frauds who cannot even build furniture to support business and I am left filing charges against them.... DO NOT BUY the company is not supported on the NASDAQ as was denied support and a hack operation with furniture they cannot support or sell.

Star Star
Sam S. 2/19/21

Wins Award for Most Dishonest staff, and worst quality furniture. After a purchase, and before delivery, I receive a call stating that they under charged me, and that if I wanted the furniture delivered, I had to pay $77.00 more. I asked for a refund, Jason told me that he couldn&'t refund our money over the phone. I had to come into the store with the original credit card so they could swipe it. Ok. So I go back. Before they close at 6 pm. The maskless staff swoops in. I ask for jason. He already left. Ok. So I go back and they tell me they need to see a photo ID to make sure that they are putting the money back on to the correct persons card. I say it&'s the same last four digits on the card as on the receipt. I&'m not asking for cash, just put it back on the same card. By the way, they didn&'t ask for an ID when they were getting the money, just when they have to give it up they put up road blocks to make a refund more difficult. I show them a picture ID with my name and photo on it just as she asked. then she says that it needs to be a government issued ID. I hate this place. Swindlers. They lie about delivery dates. Total disappointment. Same goes for their warranties. They aren&'t worth the paper they are written on. Shop somewhere else like Braden&'s or Brown Squirrel, or Amazon. Somewhere you can trust.

Brandy L. 11/16/20

Do not buy anything here !!! The people are super rude and will not let me speak to owner about this . I ordered a couch and was told I would have it in 3 weeks no one ever called . Ever !!! I have to contact them every time . Get lied too over and over about date of delivery . Took off work for delivery it never comes no one calls . I get hung up on . Still months later have no furniture and will not let me get a refund . Horrible customer service !!!! STAY AWAY . I will tell everyone NEVER buy from this store . I would give Double NEGITIVE stars if possible . Jason was salesman but everyone I have encountered there except Sarah is rude and not been honest . . Pretty much they want you to purchase and lies about when you will get it . As long as they make a sale they don&'t care if you want MONTHS to get product but sure take you cash !! I am reporting to BBB and to credit card company for not receiving product.

Kathryn J. 11/3/20

I ordered a rug through the store online over a month ago. I&'ve called the store 6 times to find out if the rug has been ordered or a tracking number etc. For an $800 rug I continue to be told they will call me back. No one has called me back. No one has provided me a tracking number. This will be the last time shopping at your location after completely outfitting our living room. I&'m very disappointed with the service. When asked to speak with a Manager I was put on hold only to not have my request completed.

Joseph F. 8/28/20


Brenda D. 8/17/20

Zero stars is what I would prefer to put. The last day of April went in to the Turkey Creek store and found the sofa and loveseat I wanted for my new home. Kelly told me how lucky I was that it was in stock, with COVID and the reduction in inventory being brought in...Great! My lucky day. We were renting a house, but moving into the one we purchased at the beginning of June. We lived just around the corner from the store and could come and get it, or could they deliver it to our new home. After looking at the delivery schedule, we had it set up for 6/9, done and done. Great! 6/8 comes and the store calls around noon to let me know that the driver will call when they are on the way. Great! (Wait for it) 6:00 PM - PM! - I get a call from Kelly that my furniture is not in stock. WHAT?!! We are moving the next day and you are calling me at 6:00 o&'clock the night before, after confirming earlier in the day, to tell me my living room furniture that was in stock when I bought AND PAID FOR IT, is not in stock. And what, I think, makes me more angry than them selling my furniture out from under me and not telling me anything until the night before (as I could have easily come and picked it up, as we lived around the corner, and the new house was 40 miles away btw), is Kelly not taking responsibility for her mistake and blaming it all on COVID and the fact they were not getting the trucks coming. Not sure how that applies to the situation, but that is all she would say. Do you know when I got my furniture? THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST. And I had to go get it or it would have been another two weeks! The disappointing thing is that we had, just a couple years prior, spent THOUSANDS of dollars at the Ashley store in Merrillville, Indiana, purchasing a living room set, bedroom set, dining set, bar stools, and after this debacle, what did Ashley Furniture do? Credit of $50 per piece (2) and waiving the delivery fee (Uh, we picked it up). WE WILL NEVER SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE AGAIN!!!!

Christine B. 7/17/20

If it were no stars that would be more appropriate. I order a sofa on 5/2/20 I was supposed to get it on 7/6 I called and asked to have it done on the 10th or 11th, they were already booked so they said it would be the 18th. Well It is the 17th and they called me to tell me the couch never made it on a truck, they have no idea when I will get it. Their corporate line is so busy they will call you back within 24 to 48 hours. Horrible experience.

Christine B. 5/18/20

Horrible Customer Service. She was a snot bag! I went into my account to see about the delivery and she acted like I worked there and was privey to all of their company information. I show no orders on my account but the money is out of my bank account. All I wanted was an update.

Clay F. 4/18/20

Ordered mattress with a &"must have&" ship date. They missed the date and told me no refunds... Basically said I&'d get it when I get it... NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN! Buyers beware!!!

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