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Great style doesn't have to be expensive! Ashley HomeStore cuts out the middle man by building, transporting, and selling its own great furniture. This allows us to bring stylish furniture, created by the #1 furniture company in the world, to the people of Mount Juliet, Tennessee at a price that other companies cannot compete with. Ashley HomeStore has exclusive agreements with premium bedding companies like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster. We sell the best mattresses in the world, with incredible incentives and financing terms that ensures that the customer leaves with the best deal possible! You can find us on Belinda Pkwy, next to Chuck E. Cheese. We look forward to being the furniture store that helps you fill your home with memories, and hope to see you soon!

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Terry Dedman 1/27/23

The sales folks at the Mt Juliet location are always so helpful and informative.

Gerard William Dow 1/23/23

Beyond frustrated with this company and most of all upset and feeling cheated. In November we ordered a couch from this location. In store, we had TWO 500 dollar visa gift cards that we had wanted to use as a down payment. The rest ( about 3k ) would be financed through the Ashley credit account we had from previously buying furniture with them. After a few weeks we decided that with three dogs and a bunch of rain we just received, their paws would just ruin the beautiful couch we just ordered no matter how careful we were ( currently have a leather couch from Ashley ) So my partner decided to cancel it. Upon calling, we were prompted that I would have to call the location we ordered from and find out how to get the refund of the 1,000.00. When I called, the man on the other line listened to my situation, the gift cards and all, and I was told we would get a check for the refund. He even verified my address so we could make sure it was being sent to the correct house. Fast forward a couple weeks later, checking the mail when it came, the check was no where to be found. We waited another week and then decided to check up on it. We were told that the person we spoke to told us wrong and that “ they didn’t do that.” I’m sorry? But I waited weeks going by what I was told and now I’m being told something completely different. We didn’t have the 0 balance gift cards and apparently neither did the store- but they were refunded to the gift cards. So after some back and forth we were left with no resolution. I called back to see if there was anyway to reverse the credit to the gift cards and maybe we could just at least get something from Ashley for 1,000.00. Because we didn’t receive these gift cards as gifts ourselves. We bought them and then decided to not use them for what we wanted to at first and just unload them this way to “ get our money back.” Which obviously this was the wrong choice to do- which I don’t understand. So, the person helping us said to hold on and they would see if they can get the 16 digit numbers from each of the gift cards so that we could at least go back with our receipt from Visa and get two new gift cards from them and report the other two as lost, at which they would see that the gift cards that were refunded, the money back onto them, weren’t being used. This would prove that our claim was legit, and we weren’t just scammers, but we need the 16 digits to be able to file this claim with visa… Long story short after a week and a half of calling every other day for a follow up to the response that they were waiting for in Canada, which is where their corporate office is, we are left with nothing again. They were told that the 16 digit numbers couldn’t be retrieved but yet they had them to be able to refund the money back onto them and they had the numbers and their systems to be able to take the money as well in the first place. I tell you right now, if it were them losing out on $1000 that they would find a way to get these numbers back. But no one seems to want to help us at all. We’ve never felt so defeated and cheated by a company in this way, and I will do anything and everything I can to make sure no one I know ever buys from them.

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Laura Plesnik 1/23/23

Beautiful furniture & FABULOUS deal!!! Our sales person,Danielle, was so very patient with us and assisted in companion selections. So satisfied with my experience I'm sending my son there this weekend for a new bedroom set! Thanks Danielle.

Jamie Congelos 1/22/23

This has been the WORST buying experience of my life! I bought 2 bedrooms for my daughters for Christmas which was a near 4,000 dollar purchase. The first bedroom came with missing brackets to attach the mirror to the dresser. Brackets I still have not received almost a month later as the mirror is still wrapped on the floor. The second bedroom WHAT A DISASTER! The bedroom showed up not only with missing screws (the main component to put a bedroom together) but it was THE WRONG BEDROOM! The sales associate keyed in the wrong account number for the bed set we ordered. I called both customer service AND Ashley Homestore while the delivery men were still in my home to let them know I received the wrong bedroom! First, they didn’t take the furniture back to the truck! They left a bunch of boxes and the headboard leaned up against the wall and LEFT. That same day an exchange was made for the correct furniture however, while our home is in shambles, my daughter is sleeping in a mattress on the floor and the delivery date keeps extending.. I went to the store to ask for a refund for the bed frame and dresser. I just wanted someone to pick up the wrong furniture, disregard the exchange and while I’m completely fine paying for the mattress and first bedroom, I’m just asking for a refund for two items that I do not have in my possession anyway. I was told this company does not offer refunds?! THE KICKER … even though it’s the company’s mistake for ordering and delivering the wrong furniture, I’m told I can’t have a refund because the wrong furniture is in my possession and once the furniture “enters your home” you’re no longer eligible for a refund. WHAT? The furniture that’s not mine? The furniture I didn’t want but the delivery men refused to take because they had multiple deliveries to finish? The furniture I told the Homestore was not my sale? I the customer who paid this company 4,000 isn’t eligible for a 2 item refund for a COMPANY ERROR. I’m being told, oh well. Did I mention the dresser they delivered was also damaged? This company will only do exchanges not refunds FOR ANYTHING NO MATTER WHAT. We are taking your money, wasting your time, delivering bedrooms without parts and pieces, delivering the WRONG furniture but… we can’t compensate you for anything you want. I will never buy from this store again. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

Terrie Moody 1/21/23

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Jason Dodd 1/21/23

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Tracey King 1/19/23

Loved the guy that helped us!!! Can't think of his name though.

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John Rohde 1/17/23

Cory, the rep I worked with was great

Cheri Downey 1/16/23

NEVER SHOP HERE. We bought a bed set and were convinced to buy a tempurpedic mattress from Ashley. Well the bed frame was damaged and put together incorrectly so we couldn’t ever try out the mattress. We complained for weeks and send pictures and they told us it would be 6 months before we can get a replacement. While waiting for a replacement our “90 day mattress exchange” ran out but we never got to sleep on it because of the faulty bed frame. Now that we got the replacement bed frame they refused to restart our 90 day exchange even though it was their fault we never got to try our mattress because of the damaged bed frame. Once we actually tried the bed we did not like it. We are sleeping on the couch because this mattress is so terrible but they won’t let us return or exchange it. I have a severe back disease that has been flaring up so bad. I may be getting lawyers involved. We’ve spent hours waiting on the phone and talking to people who won’t do anything. We are thousands of $$$ in the hole because of them with a terrible mattress we can’t even use. Absolutely unacceptable. It was not our fault they sent us a damaged/faulty bed frame. We should not be treated like this.

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Marie Gamble 9/3/21

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