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Great style doesn't have to be expensive! Ashley cuts out the middle man by building, transporting, and selling its own great furniture. This allows us to bring stylish furniture, created by the #1 furniture company in the world, to the people of Houston, Texas at a price that other companies cannot compete with. Ashley has exclusive agreements with premium bedding companies like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster. We sell the best mattresses in the world, with incredible incentives and financing terms that ensures that the customer leaves with the best deal possible! You can find us on Restaurant Row, next to LA Fitness. We look forward to being the furniture store that helps you fill your home with memories, and hope to see you soon!

Customer Reviews
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anita smith 5/25/22

Star Star Star Star Star
adnan siddiqui 5/21/22

Star Star Star Star Star
Bunesiha Jones 5/20/22

Star Star Star Star Star
Maya Rae 5/20/22

Star Star Star Star Star
Ben Vest 5/18/22

Star Star Star Star Star
Andrey Hogues 5/16/22

Our sales representative Levi was very attentive, polite and helped us find furniture that exceeded our expectations. Very well mannered and down to earth service. Overall, probably the best furniture buying experience I've had.

Star Star Star Star Star
Shamara Bizzle 5/15/22

Phillip was a very genuine down to earth person! I really do appreciate him helping me in my purchase. He listened and didn't try to stir me in any other direction. I was please. And as long as he is working there i will be coming back. Give this man a raise or something!

Star Star Star Star Star
Lesley Sanchez 5/15/22

Service was great. Very fast, easy and not overwhelming. We left with a dining set and couch. Thanks Luis!

Star Star Star Star Star
Maria Molero 11/2/21

I was treated by Victoria. She is a nice person. She listened my needs and advises with great tact.

John Nash 5/3/21

They will try their best not to refund you. I had to go through an Ashley in Lake Charles, Louisiana to get my refund back after I was told that my items I ordered seven months ago were given to another customer. How do you give a customer's purchase away to another customer when I completely paid for everything that same day of the purchase?🤔 Can anyone seriously explain to me? Yes, you all heard or read correctly. I fully paid for everything that very same day I purchased them. The merchandise was not bought on credit. It was one swipe of my debit card in full payment. Years ago, when layaway was popular, companies didn't give your purchase away to another customer. I fully paid for my furnishings day one of the transaction; therfore, one would think my items would still be there for whenever I needed them. But they weren't. The store never told me of any such policies. I was displaced from my home by the end results of both Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta, and the staff knew that. I also told both the associate and manager that I would need my purchases as soon as the following month, so I thought. But the contractor for my house was on many different pages, to my surprise. With the contractor's incompetence and criminal ways, my house was delayed its completion eight months later than the initial end date. Unfortunately, I had to hire another contractor to complete the job. Nonetheless, Ashley should have, at the least, given me heads up that they had given my belongings to another customer, and all what I ordered would take three to four months to replace. This Ashley didn't even do that. As I mentioned earlier, to more complicate the matters, I had to contact another Ashley store in Lake Charles, Louisiana to get refunded. The experience was extremely stressful.😡 I never heard of such business policies of giving your purchases away without letting you know ahead of time that it's a possibility if I don't request a delivery date of the purchased merchandise that was paid in full, in a timely manner, that the merchandise can possibly be given to another customer. I also never ever experienced with any business, small or big, why my refund was such a big issue when I never ever possessed the items. And companies, businesses, corporations, and many people, are wondering why Amazon is taking over and will eventually completely take over.🤔 And I'm not a big fan of Amazon's practices toward their employees; however, I am an extremely huge fan of the truth, regardless of whom or what the truth may be pertaining to. So, with that said, you'll never get any hassle from Amazon when it comes to returns and refunds, especially if you never received or possessed the item or items...smh...Heavenly Father, what has gone wrong with this country? Corporate greed and bullying must come to an end. I'm just so afraid when the great working people, the citizens who actually keeps this country afloat, finally wake up, if they ever wake up, it will be too little too late. Maybe the Milleniums and Gen Z will stop the madness of corporations because the Baby Boomers and Gen X certainly haven't. The Baby Boomers and Gen X are too busy caught up with their materialistic and superficial mindsets about their homes, cars, and jobs. Let's hope and pray that a generation will wake up and demand what is right and fair for all because Ashley really stressed me out and worsened my already stressful situation.🙏🏾...smh

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