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Ashley is committed to being your trusted partner and style leader for the home. This commitment has made Ashley the No. 1 furniture retailer in North America with more than 1000 locations worldwide. No matter which Ashley location you visit, you'll find stylish, quality furniture that's just right for any room in your home. That includes many of the top mattress brands—including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Stearns & Foster—as well as our very own Ashley Sleep mattresses, which offer superior comfort without the premium price tag. In fact, every Ashley Sleep mattress is subject to more than 200 quality control tests—because a great mattress makes a difference to your quality of sleep and even your quality of life. Your home is more than a house. It’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley, we celebrate being home with you. Our locally owned and operated Ashley is passionate about bringing you the best value in furniture and mattresses for your home. Visit your nearest Ashley showroom today.

Customer Reviews
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Michael V 5/22/22

Epitome of incompetence. We placed a large order ($8k after sale) in store in Nov '21. The sales associate assured us that half of our order was in stock and would be delivered in 3 weeks or so as we were buying a new house. She advised us to call in a week and schedule delivery. When we made the phone call, they just about laughed at us and told us not to expect anything until March. We had talked in store about having the delivery broken up to deliver whatever was available, which apparently was nothing. They will tell you whatever they can to make a sale. We waited another month to see if there were any updates, which there was not. In the meantime I had also ordered $2k worth of furniture online which at least was trackable. We received most of our in store order in January. I was expecting delays with the pandemic, but at no point were they transparent, and they selected our delivery date without informing us. There is a definite disconnect between the store and the delivery service. One will tell you something is scheduled for delivery and you get an email confirmation, then when you deal with the other, they can't even find your order. Fast forward to May, which is when we were supposed to receive our final piece of furniture. It's finally scheduled for delivery, we have an email, all set....right? WRONG! Delivery day comes and goes with zero communication. We call the delivery service who has no record of our order, despite the confirmation email. Come to find out Ashley's own credit card will void a charge after 6 months, so since it fell outside of that window, the delivery was voided. BUT they assured us if we come to the store and sign another invoice, they will get it taken care of. They also inform us they can't guarantee the piece is even available anymore, so we may have to wait months, again. What an absolute joke this company is. They will do whatever they can to make a sale, and if you take issue or have a rational question, they will say whatever they can to get you off the phone and move on. That's what kind of service you get for $10k with Ashley. Update: A representative informed us that the coffee table was given to another customer and it would be at least another 12 weeks before we could receive one. Icing on the cake. Order canceled.

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Carolina Pinedo 5/21/22

Calvin helped us to find the perfect bedroom furniture for my mother. very friendly and professional. We went to four other stores and the prices here were the best for everything that we were getting. Thank you for your help.

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Jean Wadsworth 5/21/22

Their computers do not work correctly.It took us 2hours to checkout and we ended up paying cash just to get it done.

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Melody Malmgren 5/21/22

Anthony Robano 5/20/22

DO NOT SHOP HERE!! I've been waiting on a bed for the past 7 months. I placed my order back in October 2021 and here we are in May 2022 and I'm being told that it's just 1 more month. You can try and call the store, but no one will answer. It gives you prompts and then finally tells you that 50+ people are already in queue. You can try and wait, but 1 hour will go by and maybe 5 customers ahead of you were helped. It seems like the only way to reach someone is via their chat functionality and even they give very limited info and then turn around and tell you to call the store. If you want furniture, shop at any other furniture store.

James Harding 5/20/22

Shocking. That is all I can say about my experience with this store. I have done business with other Ashley Home Stores in the past, but - based on my experience with this store - I am done doing business with Ashley. Back in December, I bought a bed frame during a "half price" sale. I was promised delivery in March. When March came, I tried to call the company for customer service and I was STUNNED to discover that I was 231st in line. Finally - after HOURS of waiting for Ashley to answer my call - I was allowed to leave my phone number in the system for an eventual call back. Nobody ever called me back. Ever. I tried the website - no information there. Nobody to talk to. No web chat. I went into the store again and was told that there had been a delay (which I understand)... but my furniture would be in stock on April 5. I was disappointed, but I confirmed with the customer service person that - when my furniture did come - they would take away my old bed frame as promised by my salesperson... so I waited patiently. On April 5 (after not hearing anything), I tried calling again... Number 157th in line with no callback. I go into the store again. This time they tell me that they have no idea why the last person said April 5. My stuff is due in sometime in May... but at least they will pickup my old bed frame when the new one arrives. I go home frustrated, but patient. Finally, I go in the first week of May to learn my stuff will be delivered mid-May (hooray!). We setup the delivery and all is well. Of course, when the movers arrive, they tell me they didn't know anything about picking up my old bed frame. I have to call customer service - which I do while they are waiting. We wait for 20 minutes (on THEIR internal customer service line) until Dispatch picks up and explains that they do not have a pickup on the schedule. I have to go into the store yet again. This time - for the FIRST time since I bought the frame - I hear that Ashley doesn't pick up the old bed frame. I am on my own. They give me Habitat for Humanity's number (which has NOT worked out at all) and wish me well. NOBODY took responsibility for the wrong information, the HORRIBLE customer service or the fact that I am stuck with my old bed frame despite what they promised (repeatedly). Oh yeah... then I went to American and found the VERY same bed for hundreds of dollars less than what I paid during the "half price" sale. Never again. Don't do business with these people. They are robbing you blind, they offer ZERO customer service and you can't trust a word they say. Go somewhere - anywhere - else.

Tanya Curiel 5/19/22

I came to Ashley because I wasn't a fan of American furniture. I got credit here at this Ashley store. Picked out furniture had two delivery dates. 1st delivery I got damaged furniture during installation. Then second delivery same thing. Got a product that collapsed the next day. I went into store to complain and they wrote a new complaint (2nd one) with reference number and still got wrong on inspection of damaged furniture the inspector got size of bed wrong and want to replace wrong size box spring like I don't know the right size. And took picture of wrong damaged furniture and said no damage. I am going to see if I can get my money back this whole experience for a first time home buyer has been the worst experience. Don't call customer service if you want to get through to anyone. Will be on hold with 100 callers in line.

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Anthony TerBush 5/17/22

Great experience. Salesman was a pro. Accent cabinet found, purchased, done. Thanks!

Cristy BM 5/17/22

Awful customer service when calling to get help on a delivery fee of 129.99 that I should of not been charged! I tried 4 times calling to get help and all that happened after 41 minutes + of waiting is someone would finally answer and they would end the call all 4 times.

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Rose Marie Urey 5/16/22

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