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Great style doesn't have to be expensive! The Ashley Store cuts out the middle man by building, transporting, and selling its own great furniture. This allows us to bring stylish furniture, created by the #1 furniture company in the world, to the people of Opelousas, Louisiana at a price that other companies cannot compete with. The Ashley Store has exclusive agreements with premium bedding companies like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster. We sell the best mattresses in the world, with incredible incentives and financing terms that ensures that the customer leaves with the best deal possible! You can find us on Creswell Ln, behind the Office of Motor Vehicles of Opelousas. We look forward to being the furniture store that helps you fill your home with memories, and hope to see you soon!

Customer Reviews
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Margaret James 12/2/23

Very nice delivery guys. On time delivery. I love how I could track the truck on the map. Kept me updated.

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Shirley August 12/2/23

Thank you Brian for your help you are a great person and a great help thank so much I gave you five star for your help but you deserve ten star thank you very much and may God bless you.

Star Star Star Star Star
Marjorie Randall 12/1/23

It was a pleasure working with Ms. Christine.👍🏾

Star Star Star Star Star
TAMMY Irving 12/1/23

I always Love working with Christian Grandigo she is sweet and always great help in the store She's The Best SALESPERSON

Star Star Star Star Star
Lisa Gardner 12/1/23

Christine made my shopping experience amazing

Ben Johnson (Wayne's A/C & Appliances) 11/25/23

Opelousas location: Walked in looking for a recliner and sales person Mia met me and my daughter at the door. She proceeded to tell us that on 11/24/2023 everything in the store was 50% off. I found what I was looking for which the item was $500 and I asked so it’s 50% off she said yes I replied ok this is the one I want $250 after discount. We go to her table to finalize the purchase and she asked if I wanted the protection plan for $120 I told her sure. So in my mind it was $370 plus taxes that had to be charged. She then gives me my total of amount owed of $653. I questioned the total and she said you can look at the computer screen. I did and seen a discount of $100 for item, I asked her about it and she said the computer only lets them discount it that much. I asked what about the 50% where did that go? She said it’s 40% and I replied 40% of $500 is $200 so the chair is $300, she goes to another employee and she says that all they can do. Mia comes back and says they got the chair to $350. Now my new total was $599 and change. I asked how is this, she states well the chair is now $350 and the protection plan was $120 and tax. I said it still isn’t right then she told me it was $80 for delivery. I explained to her that I wanted to pick it up, she told me I couldn’t that it had to be delivered no other way. I told her I would think about all this and make a decision but while we were there my daughter wanted to look at a bedroom vanity for a new house were moving into. I told my daughter sure Ms. Mia would show her what they had. We all got up and was walking through the store (about halfway) the sales woman stops and tell us “when y’all come back I will show you the vanity’s, that she had paperwork to print out” so we just were shocked and left. Very terrible experience dealing with is location as I have never had these issues at the Lafayette location. I’m not sure if I’ll ever walk into that store again.

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Rikki Zerangue 11/24/23

Brian was incredibly helpful, kind, and informative! He helped me find exactly what I wanted.

Star Star Star Star Star
TriCia Guidry 11/19/23

I met the most inviting and helpful staff at the Opelousas location. They were patient with me and my mother. Will definitely refer my friends to them. Tina Dean was the best and Mia is new and learning from the A team. I will definitely be back for my future needs.

Ashley Thomas 11/13/23

Purchased some furniture with my husband at Ashley furniture in Opelousas. We wasn't greet when we walked in the store! There was a guy there by the name of Brian Johnston sitting at a table on a laptop, me and my husband walked the floor and Brian never got up to ask us what we wanted or needed instead he sat there the whole we found something that caught our eyes. We walking to the front to go & get Brian then he walks back to us to assist us. We purchase 2 items and asked what was the sale price of one of the items so Brian tells us to meet him by his desk in 5 minutes. Overall he gives us the price of one piece which was 800$ and tells us the other piece was a different price then he goes to say I can lower the price of the chair if you get the warranty so I'm asking questions about the prices ,warranty etc and get very rude and tell me that he already discussed it with my husband.. then tells us that the order would take approximately three weeks to come to our home and that the delivery is free. After the sale was completed and he prints out our order summary we notice the price of the chair was different from what he told us and also there is delivery fee included and also extended warranty on a clearance item we purchased. I called the store and spoke with him and asked him to remove the warranty because we didn't want the warranty and he insisted he couldn't remove the warranty. He began lieing to me on the phone saying if he was to remove the warranty I would have to pay 600$ for the chair.. I demanded him to remove it and he goes back to say he couldn't. I told.him I would be calling Manager and he says I am the assistant Manager. Overall his service I didn't like one bit, he trys to get over on people with merchandise prices and warranty prices. I recommend if your looking to purchase furniture then Ashley Furniture has nice things but DO NOT LET BRIAN JOHNSTON BE YOUR SALESMAN because he's not friendly, social, or HONEST AT All. I'll BE calling regional manager to voice my experience and to cancel my whole ORDER!!! He never thanked us even after our purchase.. the only Interest he has is the COmISSION not the customers!! RUN

Brandon Lanclos 11/13/23

Brian Johnston ( Ripp Off), I repeat DON'T deal with him. His customer service is poor, My wife and I went in the store looking for furniture and the whole time we was there about two hours we walked around and Brian stayed glued to his seat. We saw a chair my wife wanted and a loveseat so we walked up front and inquired about it because he failed to get up and greet us.. once we agreed to get it Brian tells us that the chair is 800$ when in reality it was 299$ after reviewing the receipt after purchased. And he tells us that in order for him to give us a discount on the clearance chair we have to purchase an extended warranty. We declined the warranty and was told on the loveseat that it would take 3 weeks to come and that we wouldn't have to pay a delivery after the sale was done he prints out the order summary and there is charges for extended warranty on a clearance item and he lied about the delivery fee and price of the loveseat. We call the store phone after noticing the charges on summary order and demand that he cancel the 299$ extended warranty and he lies and tells us that he can't take off the warranty. After numerous demands to take off the warranty he just keeps lieing and then says that if I was to take it off then you would have to pay $600$ for the I tell him to take it off and he replies again he can't do it. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT IF YOU PLAN TO BUY ANYTHING TO NOT LET BRIAN JOHNSTON service you, he is a rip off and lier. He tricks people into purchasing an extended warranty on clearance items and lies about the pricing on items in the store. My experience was horrible and I don't want to go back there even though they have nice things in store I don't want to deal with someone like him. He out to get people into paying triple the price of the furniture. ASHLEY'S FURNITURE doesn't need to be represented like this. My order for my love seat I will sadly be CANCELing it because I don't think it's worth the lies he told me and my wife. And to top it off he DIDN'T even thank us for the purchase. I will also be calling the company to remove the warranty that was placed on the order. Ashley furniture might want to reconsider their assistant Manager Brian Johnston he isn't honest at all

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